“I can’t believe I can do months of work in ONE day with A.i.”

Watch the video ^^^ The Software, Ai Recipes, Support and Community You Need To Scale Your Brand and Audience To Millions… Guaranteed!

A.I. For Entrepreneurs™ Is The #1 Way To Make More Money Using ChatGPT + 7-Figure Business Strategy

Without posting everyday, hiring a content team or taking all of your time, using ChatGPT + Ai tools you haven’t even heard of 

“I can’t believe I can do months of work in ONE day with A.i.”

A.I. For Entrepreneurs™ Is The #1 Way to Make More Money Using ChatGPT + 7-Figure Business Strategy

Watch the video ^^^ The Software, Ai Recipes, Support and Community You Need To Scale Your Brand and Audience To Millions… Guaranteed!

“I can’t believe I can do months of work in ONE day with A.i.”

"If You Can Do Something Once, You Can Do It 1000x"

Why I’m So Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Implement A.i. 

I still remember the very first sale I made in Business… 

I was brushing my teeth upstairs in my apartment mid morning. I had stripe notifications enabled on my phone, and had just launched a new product. 

Ding. I can still feel the buzz in my hand. 

Someone had paid me $1,000 🤯 Well, $997 to be exact. 

That might not seem like a lot, but at the time, it represented something HUGE. 

It was the first sign of hope, the first indicator that I might not have to “get a real job” after all. 

That I could pursue my calling as an entrepreneur. 

That I could stop CONSTANTLY feeling like I have to prove myself to all my doubters… 

I rushed downstairs to tell my girlfriend, who was minding her own business, relaxing with a book on the couch, as a screaming mad man came bouncing down the stairs (me). 

And something CRAZY happened as I hit the last few steps… 

ANOTHER sale came in. 

Two sales in one morning. I couldn’t believe it. My heart was racing so fast, I thought I might be dreaming. 

Prior to this I had no sales. Now I have two?  

I asked her to pinch me just to make sure it was real. 

Heck, I might have even asked her to slap me across the face. 

And this is when I learned a HUGE lesson about online entrepreneurship. 

If you can do something one time, you can do it 1,000x. 

That’s called technological leverage

It’s the reason so many millionaires have been created once the internet when mainstream. 

And it’s the same reason that everything is about to 100x with A.i. 

And so while it may be very difficult to make your very first sale, as you probably know very well, after that, it’s just a matter of reaching more people with the same offer. 

The internet allows you to replicate to infinity

After she made sure I wasn’t having a stroke, and just excited about my business… My girlfriend went out to the store, and bought me a balloon you can see below to celebrate. 

When she got back, I told her … 

“I’m going to do 1,000 sales with this product and get the Two Comma Club award, and walk across the stage at Funnel Hacking Live. Only 998 to go… ” 

My First Sale...

My 1,000th Sale...

I wish I could tell you that the journey from the second sale to the 1,000th was easy, a straight line. 

But it didn’t quite go like that. 

Actually, my sales completely stalled out after about 20 sales. I thought I had made it. 

I had the lambo on pre order,  and the mansions on the background of my computer screen.

If ONLY it was that easy…  

I had another skill to learn. 


Getting my product out in to the world. 

And so began my painful journey of figuring out the media landscape, how to get ATTENTION for my products and services. 

SO I started to try everything I could think of. 

YouTube videos… 


Instagram Reels.. 

Even TikTok… 

At first none of it worked. 

Then I got more help, and all of them worked? 

How is it possible? 

It turns out, ALL of them work when done right. 

And NONE of them work when done the wrong way. 

Here's one of my accounts getting 600,000 people a day watching...

After I figured out how to reach millions of people, and to get thousands of people to buy my product, I wanted to be sure that I had ACTUALLY cracked the code. 

After all, one time might just be luck. But if I could REPLICATE what I had done, then surely it was a repeatable system, right? 

So I launched a completely new brand outside of the marketing and business space. 

And I used the same system. 

Before you know it, I was getting 100,000 views/day of ORGANIC free traffic on YouTube. 

I had cracked the code. 

I started to share it with friends. 

And then THEY broke 100k/month using the same system. 


But ONE thing stood in my way. 

Some entrepreneurs aren’t meant to be full time marketers. They’d rather be artists, or coaches, or masters of their craft, They don’t want to learn to be expert copywriters, and designers and editors. 

So even though I showed them my system, some of them struggled to get it implemented. 

I knew there had to be a way. These people believed in what they were offering. 

They cared about their customers. 

And if they didn’t get it figured out, just like me, they were going to have to go back to the worst place of all… THEIR CORPORATE JOBS. 

I couldn’t let that happen. But I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I had to do something, and that I would figure it out. 

It’s too important to me not to. I believe in entrepreneurship more than anything else in this world. 

Then.. on November 30th, 2022 the unimaginable happened. 

A consumer friendly version of GPT-3 called ChatGPT was released. A language learning model, an AI that could take even the most “green behind the ears” entrepreneur to the next level. 

So easy to use, that ANYONE could do it. Even my mom. 

It was like having a FULL TEAM of trained marketers accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. 

And I realized… that as long as an entrepreneur knew how to work with the AI, just like they would need to know how to work with a team before this, then they could succeed. 

But as long as they had NO IDEA how to work with Ai… well, they’d probably stay stuck exactly where they were. 

Just Like Me, You've Probably Already Realized Everything Is About To Change With A.i...

And That NOT Learning How To Use A.i. As An Entrepreneur

Is Like Staying Stuck With A Flip Phone After The iPhone Came Out… Or Refusing To Use The Internet

Sure, You Could Do It… But You’re Going To Get Left Behind

I Mean, A.i. Can Do ANYTHING You Can Think Of...

A.i. Can Write Legal Contracts...

it Is A Better Therapist Than Your Own Shrink...

It Can Write Children's Books With Your Own Kids As The Characters...

It Can Create A Dinner Recipe With The Leftover Ingredients In Your Fridge...

It Can Make It So People Don't Have to Work...

And Now... A.i. Can Make YOU More Money... When You Combine It With 7-Figure Strategy

A.i. Is The Closest Thing to "Magic" That's Ever Existed To Grow Your Business

A.I. Allows you to do in ONE day by yourself, what used to take 3 months and a full media team... But only if you know how to use it

The Problem? Most of You Don't Know How to "Speak A.i."

Even Though...
A.I. Can take YOUR job as a business owner, so you can focus on your zone of genius and grow your impact, income and free time

And it can do it all in only one-day/month to save you WEEKS of time, but only if you learn how businesses are already using A.i. to 10x their income

What Happens When You Can't "Speak A.i.?"

  • Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of information available on new Ai being released without knowing how to use it for maximum results 
  • Struggling to know where to start or what approach to take to implement AI in to your business 
  • Sensing your potential for success using AI but feeling stuck and unable to make it happen
  • Feeling like you’re missing some key piece of information or secret to success with this system 
  • Lack of support or guidance to 10,000x your output using automated Ai tools 
  • Fear of failure holding you back
  • Pressure to achieve quick results, causing uncertainty and stress.
  • Getting too busy to figure it all out yourself so you end up doing nothing and staying stuck in the same place you are now 
  • Seeing your competitors fly by, wondering what they have that you don’t 


Most People’s Businesses Without A.i. 

“High Lead” Businesses WITH A.i. 

Problem #2: Burnout, Boredom and not Enough Time

Most People Have The Best Of Intentions With Social Media 

But just can’t get themselves to be consistent because of the time requirements. They’re leaving money on the table every single day. A.i. changes that. 

Problem #3: Lack of Automated Systems

Most Business Owners Have to Do The Important Things Themselves In The Business Or Else Nothing Gets Done. Ai For Entrepreneurs Changes That… 

Most Business Owners Are Sacrificing Valuable Free Time

Working “in the business” instead of building automated, A.i. driven systems that do the work for them. 

The result is working harder and harder and still not getting the results they want. 

Problem #4: No Vision For The Future

Biggest problem Struggling to scale from 7 to 8 figures is lack of innovation, vision and a product that truly stands out as more valuable than the competition

Most Business Owners Don’t Know How To Get Out of “Me-Too” Offers 

As a result, they’re competing for scraps with a dozen other businesses who, at least in their customer’s minds, offer the same thing. When what they really need is to become a “one of a kind” business that is the ONLY choice. 


The A.I. Cheat Codes You Need to 10x Your Personal Brand in Just 1 Day/Month

Your One-Stop Shop To Learn To "Speak A.i." So You Can Get The Audience, Leads, Growth and Sales In Less Time Than Ever Before (Seriously!)

When You Join The A.I. Entrepreneur™ Today You Get Immediate Access To:

When You Join The A.i. Entrepreneur You Will Be Able To:

Use The Viral Content Strategy To Grow Your Socials

So that you have the scripts and posts you need to reach millions and never stare at a blank screen ever again. 

Learn how we scale social channels to millions of views/month to build a real brand

Use The Content Blitz To Drive Automated Calls Or Sales 

So that you fill your pipeline with leads, calls and sales. 

Whether you sell by phone call, zoom or order form… or even messenger, Ai for Entrepreneurs shows you the strategy we use to drive massive demand so we wake up to stripe notifications everyday across MULTIPLE brands. 

Reach High-Ticket Clients Even If You Didn’t Think It Was Possible

Use our social media strategy to reach customers, business owners, big accounts and leads you wouldn’t think existed in places like social media. 

Make “Hands Off” Sales

Use our systems to hire, manage and scale a sales team to make sales while you sleep for “hands-off” sales, or use our funnel optimizations to increase conversion on your order form even more

Break the 1,000 Customer Mark

Scale your lead gen 100x and reach new records in your business you never even conceived of

Build Your Audience To Millions Starting From SCRATCH Even If You Have No Following Now

FINALLY break through your personal plateaus

After Implementing Our Time-Saving System You Will Have:

Estimated Time Savings: 160 Hours

Who Is This For?

Anyone who wants to learn more about how to use A.i. to automate, market and scale, before everyone else gets in on it 

This Is For You If You Want To...

Anyone who wants to learn more about how to use A.i. to automate, market and scale, before everyone else gets in on it 

Join an elite group of
A.I. Entrepreneurs who are LEARNING TO SPEAK A.i. TO STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE. The Closest thing to "magic" you'll ever find

Get access to the Ai for entrepreneurs Inner Circle so you know all the new A.I. strategies before any of your competitors do

Become a “Prompt Engineer” with Plug and play scripting and image prompts to generate the perfect scripts from A.I. whether it’s for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Email, Blog Posts or long form books!

Learning to “Speak A.i.” Is the KEY to Growth

Grow Your Audience to Millions

Break 1,000+ Customers

Automate Your Business

When You Join Today, You're Also Going To Get Immediate Access To These BONUSES:

100 Money-making a.i. Recipes

Estimated time savings: 40 hrs/month

Knowing about A.i. and knowing the RECIPES to get results from A.i. is like the difference between knowing food exists and being a Michelin 5-Start Chef. A.i. won’t do you any good if you don’t have the proper strategy behind it. That’s why we created the custom commands and Recipes that you can plug and play so you can eat the same food we do, and get the same audience reach we do. 

The A.I. Client Magician Software

Estimated time savings 1.5 hrs/day

Facebook ads and YouTube ads are great because you can get in front of your target market, and all you have to do is… give over half your business to Google or Zuck! We got tired of it so we developed a software tool that seeks out your perfect client on Faceook like a heat seeking missile and adds them to your network, all on autopilot. Combine this with your A.I. organic scaling system and it’s like you have ads with no adspend.


Estimated time savings: 40 hrs/month

Want to grow an audience without ever being the center of attention or getting your face out there? We’ll show you how to grow completely anonymous social media accounts so you can make money as an affiliate, or send traffic to your own offers without having to be the start of the show! 

3-Months Glance A.i. Sales Manager Software

Estimated time savings: 20 hrs/month

Your sales team is like a professional sports team – they have the opportunity to make you a LOT of money but only if they are managed properly. Glance A.I. Sales manager was developed over 18 months at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars specifically for the coaching and agency world to manage high performing sales teams. This automates call stats, commission tracking and leaderboards so you can scale fast and run your organization like a world class sports team. Even if it’s only you, or you’re on your first rep, this is going to make scaling sales so much easier.

7-Figure Scaling 5-Day Workshop

estimated time savings 40 hr/month

I recently brought a select group of clients down to Cabo, Mexico to reveal to them in person my “crossing the 3 chasms” scaling method that’s not taught by anyone else in this industry. You had to be an insider and pay $3k+ to be there, but when you sign up today you get this 5day workshop on crossing the chasm absolutely free so you know exactly how to build your organization, marketing, team and processes to scale to $5m in sales. This isn’t available anywhere else.

The A.I. Agency™ - how to offer all this as a service

estimated time savings: infinite

If this sounds awesome but rather than scale your brand, you want to use all of it to scale someone else’s brand and get paid for it, we got you covered. We have helped over 3,000 people start and scale ad agencies, some of them to 100k/month and beyond. We’ll show you our agency system to charge “non A.I. prices” for A.i. work so you can get high paying clients paying you $1k – $3k/month with less time from you.

V.A. SOP Handoff - how to hand off to your team

estimated time savings: 80 hr/month

The whole point of stepping in to the role of 7-figure CEO is that you’re not doing THE THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. The system we’re handing off not only takes soo much off your plate as the CEO by utilizing A.I., but when you combine it with inexpensive VA’s, it all but eliminates the things you wish you could just handoff and never do again. We’ll give you the SOPs and our process to step out of the day to day and hand all this off to a cheap VA so you can focus on what really matters.

A.I. Entrepreneur Mini-Masterclass Series

estimated time savings: infinite

The use cases of A.I. are so many, and expanding everyday. That’s why, we’re bringing in experts from all areas, SEO, Ads, Algorithms, Book Writing, Image Generation and more so you can hear firsthand from the expert in each area the best use of A.i. for your business. This is going to put you ahead of the curve and show you things you didn’t even know were possible so you can stay ahead of the competition and change the world

Get access to Ai entrepreneurs like Jeff Caldwell, Kyle Sulerud, Carla White, Tom Rogers and more and hear how they’re building empires on top of A.i. 

Interviewing Hiro.FM CEO about how to write a book in one weekend using AI

The Ai Entrepreneur Manifesto

I am an A.I. Entrepreneur 

I’m part of a group of underground entrepreneurs you’ve probably never heard of before.. 

We don’t rely on massive teams, or VC funding to build our business. We run them lean and profitable by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence 


Because we build our businesses to serve our lives instead of living to serve our businesses, we have to focus on only what matters 


And only what gets results. 

Compare us to entrepreneurs who slave away at their screen or have to hire and manage huge teams, and you might think we don’t work at all.

But just because you can find us on the beaches of bali or in the andes mountains doesn’t mean we aren’t making an impact 


If you ask your old school business coach if what we’re doing is possible, they’d shake their heads. Yet we’re doing it everyday 


We “speak A.i.” because we are A.I. Entrepreneurs and these… are our stories. 

The A.I. Entrepreneur is designed to Grow Your Business While saving you up to 80 hrs/month as an business owner

Lock in your spot below before we fill up the discounted round 

Watch the free training here if you haven’t already seen it, or get signed up below to join our paid program

Ready to get signed up before we fill up?

Ai For Entrepreneurs Members typically Join Us For THese Reasons:

Here's How Business Owners Like You Are Using The System Right Now

How Marketers Are Using This: Generate More Leads Than You Thought Possible

This marketer was struggling to break 10k/month, until they realized they just didn’t have anywhere near enough leads. 

Once they not just 10x’d, but 100x’d their lead flow using the 7-figure strategy inside A.i. For Entrepreneurs, they quickly passed 100k/month, then 200k/month by MASSIVELY increasing the incoming volume of leads. 

How Coaches Are Using This: Get Thousands of Sales Calls and Scale

Most coaches don’t have a real marketing strategy other than making random content posts that bring in the occasional referral or warm lead that turns in to a client. 

This 7-figure coach figured out how to drive thousands of sales calls and thousands of paying clients using the 7-figure strategy inside A.i. For Entrepreneurs. 

How Course Creators Are Using This: Break 100 Customers/Month or More

This course creator tried paid ads alone to get customers for their course. They were making some sales but all of the money was going to pay the ad networks. 

When they added in the viral content system inside A.i. for Entrepreneurs, they hit their first 100 customer month! They got over 172 new paying customers for their course in the last 30 days with more than 300 payments for the month! 

Course creators are using A.i. for entrepreneurs to get paying clients. 

How Agencies Are Using This: Drive Awareness For Large Accounts

This agency was already successfully scaling, but wasn’t sure how to get more out of the market as their existing strategies seemed all used up. 

By using the Ai content blitz inside the program, they have been able. to incease awareness and bring in large accounts you might not think you’d find in places like TikTok. 

How Affiliate Marketers Are Using This: Faceless Accounts

This affiliate marketer created a faceless account and scaled it to millions of views within a month using the content blitz inside the program. 

He didn’t have to show his face or come up with original content to drive massive traffic to his offers and scale. 

How Influencers Are Using This: Scale to Millions of Viewers/Month

This influencer was sporadically posting and not getting much traction with their content, even though the content they did post was loved by the audience. 

By automating and increasing volume using the content blitz in the program they were able to add 7.5k youtube subs in just one month, and increase monthly viewers to over a million/month. 

How Email Marketers Are Using This: Generate New Sales Content Daily

This email list owner was sporadically emailing even though they knew best practice was to email daily. 

By automating and increasing volume of email with less time from them,  they were able to drive six figures in sales through email alone. 

How TikTokers or New Accounts are Using This

This TikToker started a new account and is now getting more than 600,000 views/day on their videos, less than 90 days later. 

How BRAND NEW Just Starting Out Biz Owners Are Using This: Find Their Message

This brand new entrepreneur had an idea in the back of her mind for a while but didn’t quite know how to make it a reality. 

By learning how to use free A.i. tools to get her vision out in to the world it became very clear very quickly how she could make her business a reality. In her own words, her mind was blown! 

Let Us Take ALL The Risk With Our 180 Day Action-Based 110% "Mind-Blown" 🤯 Guarantee!

180 Day Action-Based
110% Guarantee!
Put in the work, complete the homework and if you don’t get a return on your investment or have your mind ABSOLUTELY BLOWN 🤯, you simply email us at support@theaientrepreneur.com and get 100% of your investment refunded right back to you + $1000 for trying it out.

Plus, You’re guaranteed to break through your own personal plateaus 

We're Trusted By Over 5,000 Customers in Our 4 Different Businesses

"Ai has helped me knock out so many more projects as a marketing agency. With my brain and it's speed I feel like a super hero" - Nicole

"I'm already using Ai for marketing videos. Got better results with AI than myself or hired freelancers. Ai is dominating" - Harry

"My Brain is exploding with ideas" Alan

"This is my first $10k month in business since I started, couldn't have done it without you guys" - A.G.

Masterminding with Some Clients on a Client Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We use free tools + you get access to 3 months free of our proprietary Client Magician and Glance Software

That’s the beauty of A.i! 

Client magician software – SAVES you time 

Glance A.i. Sales Manager – SAVES you time 

The 7-Figure Scaling Workshop will take you 1-2hrs/day over 5 days to complete including the exercises 

The A.i. Boss workshop can be implemented as fast or as slow as you want. If you are super busy, do it all in one day 

The content blitz can be done in 1 day/month 

All the tools you don’t even know about – going to save you literally YEARS building your business. 

TIME should be your last concern when thinking about working with A.i. 

Perfect. We’re going to show you how to scale your organic reach so it amplifies everything else that you are doing with paid ads and otherwise + give you the SOPs you need to hand it all off to your team. In fact, you can just give them the login to this program and not even think about it. 

If you’re just getting started, we’ve included access to “The A.I. Agency” bonus so that you can offer all this as a service to existing businesses and get paid to do it.
Whether you have a brand you know you want to start, or haven’t even figured out your niche and want the best way to launch, the A.i. Agency can help you get there. 

A. Use the chatbox in the bottom right corner of the screen 

I know, me too. That’s why this community is so great, a bunch of entrepreneurs nerding out on A.I. and scaling their business with the tools of the future. 

Yes! We have a discount for partner tickets  for 1/2 price if you all want to join and get access to everything including the software. 

Reach out to christian@theaientrepreneur.com for a partner ticket 

Not learning how to integrate A.I. in to your business is like being a business today and not using the internet… you can do it but for most people it would be stupid not to use A.I. 

Not in A.I.! That’s the beauty of it. If you are a business owner, influencer, athlete, musician, coach, consultant, course creator, SaaS company, author etc… you can focus on what you’re good at and let us be the experts on how to use A.i. 

We’ll make it easy to use no matter how non technical you are, or how confusing this all sounds. 

Yes! That’s the beauty of Ai. We use it across 6 different brands to grow in a fraction of the time

Yes, if you’re not sure if this is for you and you need to talk to someone, you can do it here https://www.theaientrepreneur.com/call


Getting the Two-Comma Club Award on Stage at Funnel Hacking Live with Russel Brunson

Leading a retreat with some of our clients in Mexico

Who is Christian "The Work From Anywhere Guy?"

Honestly, I started my first internet business so I didn’t have to put myself out there. I wanted to be able to hide behind the computer screen and work in peace. 

It wasn’t until I launched my first personal brand and things started to explode that I realized without a connection to your audience, you don’t have a business. 

Along the journey I learned to LOVE serving my clients and customers, connecting with them and going on trips together. 

When I tasted a little success, I quickly started more business, and became burnt out. I was spending all my time managing projects instead of creating like I used to. 

I had to learn to use A.I. and automation to get my love of the game back so I could scale my message and income while staying sane. 

I now run influential personal brands in multiple niches reaching millions of people/month. 

I’ve traveled to 60 continents and 25+ countries while making millions of dollars. But I never could have done any of it without overcoming my fear of publishing to bring my message and my impact to the world and my customer base… In a sustainable way for my lifestyle. 

 I hope that The A.i. Entrepreneur will help you change the world in your own way, whatever that means for you, just like it has done for me. 

There Are TWO Types of Entrepreneurs In The Future...

The Choice is Yours #IamAnAiEntrepreneur

Get Started WITH The Ai Entrepreneur Today And Find Out How It Feels To Finally Know How To Speak A.i.

Learn how to become an A.i. Entrepreneur, Create Magic and Explode Your Brand Before It’s too late

Ai won't take your job. Your competitors who know the best AI Prompts Will...