Ai Magnate

 I’m just gonna drink some coffee while we’re getting started waiting for you guys to roll in. My name is Christian and you are here today to watch the three step AI TV channel process. I used to make 300 plus dollars a day. Now this is using AI tools that have just come out, and this was never possible before.

So if you’ve been on these things before and you think, is this just gonna be like when I was on the last time? No, the answer is definitively is not. I’m so excited. I’m gonna show you guys some like just amazing things that blow my mind that you can do with AI right now. And so if you wonder like, is AI gonna take away all of our jobs?

The answer is definitely yes. So you want to be the one controlling AI and owning it. So that even if it takes your job, you’re still making the money, right? And so that’s what we’re gonna cover on this webinar, how to use this new three step AI TV channel process that I used to make, 300 plus dollars a day, sometimes a lot more than that.

And show you how other people, just like you have done it as well. And guys, the difference between this and something else is this is like without starting a real business, without talking to clients, without becoming an appointment setter or a sales rep, if you’ve seen some of that stuff without selling on Amazon, having to buy a bunch of inventory or writing Kindle books, we’re learning tons of tech or building funnels, none of that.

You don’t have to do any of that. And this is only possible recently with ai. So we’re gonna jump in and get started on that. Um, I’m just gonna finish my coffee while you guys are rolling in. If you can just hit me in the comments and tell me your name and where you’re from. So I know you can see me, you can hear me.

I’m actually gonna turn off this video because it’s getting in the way of the presentation. So lemme just turn this off real quick and we’ll keep going. Okay. Hopefully you can still see me. Now that the camera’s off, I wanna make sure you can see the presentation. You can focus, because we’re gonna blow your minds in this hour together.

Guys, this is for you. If you wanna make a side income, replace your job and quit work from anywhere, grow your side, hustle, or a business with ai, become a magnate and build an empire. Or you just wanna make a little extra on the side without starting a full on business. Okay? So again, this has never been possible before.

I wanna make sure you can see me, hear me through your name and where you’re from in the comments, so I know that you’re listening. All right. I see some of you guys on there. Yeah, we see Sacramento, California. Nice. I see. Um, Burlington, Vermont. Awesome. Up in the northeast. Yep. So little Philadelphia. We got some more northeast of Florida.

Very nice Miami. I like it. We got Colorado peeps out there. Hit me from Colorado. All right, we got a Utah. That’s close enough. All right, so again, My goal for this class guys is to make this the best webinar you’ve ever been on in your life. And way we’re gonna do that is by showing you the way to get complete freedom and avoid the recession and layoffs, and especially the AI takeover.

And the way we’re gonna do that is through a new method called AI TV Channels that’s never been possible before. And the only way to build your AI TV channel is by becoming an AI magnet and owning the machines. We’re gonna show you the software and tools to do this for free. Okay? I’m also gonna show you how I want from a broke, shy pizza delivery driver to making millions of dollars online with these tools.

But it’s now easier than it’s ever been before in history because of recent developments in ai. So if you have troubles in the past, I can guarantee you it’s not gonna be as hard as it was before. Okay, now this all started when I realized that I absolutely hate bosses, guys. I worked as a host at Ruby Tuesdays and I think he made like $7 an hour and one morning I really didn’t wanna be there.

You know, I’m up at the host and, and my boss rolls in the door five minutes late. Now, this is a boss who always yelled at me if I was even one minute late, and I just couldn’t stand somebody telling me what to do. But he rolls in five minutes late and I go kind of jokingly like, where have you been? And he has this really mean look on his face.

And he said, he just got back from jail. Now guys, this was like not a nice person. It’s the worst boss I’ve ever had in my life. He was mean to everybody who worked there. He was always an a-hole. And it didn’t really surprise me that he was in jail. But at that moment, I thought to myself, What am I doing working for somebody like this?

You know, this is a disgrace. I need to get out of here and realize that I just don’t like working for incompetent bosses. And so that’s sort of started me down the journey of figuring out how do I do my own thing? And the first thing I figured out was delivering pizza for Dominoes. Now, believe it or not, this felt like a lot less of a job than actually working for a boss like my boss who was in jail, because I just got to get in my car and deliver pizzas.

But the only problem was, here’s my paycheck for 195 regular hours. Guess how much I took home at the end of the day? 1090 $2. Okay. But at least you know, I’m an introvert. I don’t know if any guys are introverted or expert it out there, but at least I got to go do my own thing. I didn’t have a boss breathing on my shoulder every day, like at Ruby Tuesdays, and it kind of worked for me, okay.

But I thought, you know what? This money doesn’t really work. So maybe. I’ll try to become like an investment banker or something like whatever normal adults do. And I went in to get my hair one day and my hairdresser changed my life. I was telling her about my career plans after delivering pizza. And she told me, my brother is an investment banker.

And she said he’s won every award in the book. He’s been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and he’s absolutely miserable, right? He works 120 hour weeks, his family hates him. He has tons of money, but no life at all. And I sat there in the chair and I thought to myself, ah, shoot, you know what?

That’s not gonna work either because I’m gonna have a boss again. I’m not gonna have a life that I like. And um, I need to keep this thing up where I don’t have a boss looking over my shoulder. And so, you know, back then it was the right thing to do to go out there and get a traditional career. Now the world has vastly shifted over the last couple years, as you probably know.

And traditional careers just aren’t as safe as they used to be. Here’s Forbes saying the other day. Uh, your job isn’t safe. It’s time to look after yourself, right? The safest thing that you can do in the future is not have a job that can asks you at any moment. That can tell you what to do whenever they want, is to actually be in control of your own destiny, right?

Hashtag no job, no worries. So, Andrea yangs their warning of mass layoffs, which are happening right now. And if you don’t own your job, if somebody else owns your job like a boss, then you could be in trouble. So on this presentation, I’m gonna show you how to quit your job if you haven’t already. Um, if you’re already in business for yourself, I’m gonna show you how to massively grow that business and make sure that you stay in control.

Um, if you do love your job, that’s awesome, and you can just make a side hustle or a backup income. From this, you can prepare for the upcoming recession. Make sure you don’t have to worry about layoffs or again, grow your business. So I decided not to go into investment banking and I thought, I’ll go out there and I’ll help people as a freelancer.

I’m gonna help ’em with their marketing. Okay. So I went there and I got like 10 clients to help ’em as a freelancer with their marketing. And I, it was great because I didn’t technically have a boss and I could like work from my apartment or whatever, but I like very quickly realized that people were still bugging me.

And I realized I had created a job for myself where I had 10 bosses instead of one. And I think a lot of people go out there and they try to get work from home jobs or work on the internet and they realized they wanted freedom and what they got was just more bosses in a different form than they used to have.

So I woke up one day and thought, this isn’t sustainable. I hate people telling me what to do. And I know guys, I know I’m extremely about that. I have a problem with authority. But I fired all my clients and this was the look on my face. And they said, can you please come back and work for us? And I said, hell no.

Okay. I had to fire my clients. And the new role was no bosses. I’m only gonna do things where I can be my own boss. And that’s when I figured out how to start an AI TV channel. Now guys, this used to be a lot harder than it is now, but now with ai, like anybody can step in and do this. It took me years to figure it out, but I’m gonna show you how to do it just right off the bat.

It’s insane how much of a shortcut there is. And so the hashtag is by by bosses. Okay? If you wanna get rid of your boss, never work for an incompetent person. Again, this is the method. So I go out there, I get rid of my boss, I start my own AI TV channel that’s paying me, and then something tragic happened, okay?

Not tra, not traffic. Tragic, at least for some people, right? And that was the release of chat G P T. How many of you guys have heard of chat gps? You put in the comments if you have chat, G P T. It’s one of the coolest tools I’ve ever seen in my life. It was released on November 30th, 2022 and it absolutely changed the world.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re going to hear about it soon. I guarantee you that as soon as it came out, I started telling everybody about it because this was the beginning of the AI revolution and half the people that see it are saying, AI’s gonna take my job. And they’re upset about it. Like the guy on the left and the other half are saying AI will take my job and they’re happy about it.

Like the guy on the right and I’m the guy on the right, cuz I know as long as I own that ai, as long as I know how to use it, it can take my job and I still get the paycheck. Okay, so chat t p t is so cool that it has reached a hundred million monthly users faster than any app in history, faster than Google Translate, than Instagram.

TikTok chat. T P T is number one. It took two months to reach a hundred million users. Okay? And some people are starting to freak out, but I know something that they don’t. Because I read history guys, and when tractors came out, some farmers started to freak out and said, this is gonna take our jobs. And guess whose job it took?

It did take some farmers’ jobs, but not all the farmers. It took the farmers that refused to use tractors. Okay. So if you have a job right now and you refuse to use AI or you’re not ahead of the curve on AI and you’re not learning how to use it, or you’re trying to make money in line and you’re not using ai, you’re gonna go out of business just like a farmer who’s not using a tractor, okay?

AI or annihilation. That’s the way it’s gonna be. Just like the tractor took over. AI’s gonna take over and that’s okay because as long as we learn how to use the tools throughout history, we actually end up better off for it. We can be that guy on the right. Okay? So you wanna own the machines that make the money.

And if you own ai, just like a farmer owns a tractor, the AI is, the AI is only gonna make you more money. And that’s what we’re gonna show you on this presentation, is the three secrets to own the machine. Secret number one is how I use AI TV channels to create a $300 a day income online with zero technical skills, zero prior experience, and zero credentials using AI TV channels.

Okay? Secret number two is how I get paid every day without selling my own product, talking to clients on the phone, or having to learn technical skills. So we cut out all the bosses, remember even the client bosses. And secret number three is how I use AI to clone myself 50 times and get this all done in one day a month.

So to make it easy for you, secret number one is how to own the machines. Secret two is passive profits preferred, right? Hashtag no bosses. And secret number three is AI creates you celebrate. What does that mean? That means AI does the work and you get the rewards. Okay? So the three step process you can implement starting today with the help of chat, G P T, and it’s E.

It’s easier than it’s ever been before, guys. But if you don’t pay attention to this, if you walk away right now, like you’re putting yourself in jeopardy, you’re putting your family in jeopardy, your job, your business, all of it. And I, I don’t say that lightly and I don’t say it to scare you. I say it because I’m dead serious about this.

I’m obsessed with artificial intelligence cuz I know that it’s the future. This is a smartphone moment. This is like going back in time from the iPhone was being released and being there on day one. This is gonna completely change the world that we live in. And here the news says the artificial intelligence will destroy laptop class workers.

Here Irwin says, uh, developers are starting to get really anxious and not being able to sleep because of chat two pt. And here Coco says, we’re seeing the first wave of white collar workers being laid off as a result of ai. Specifically as law firms adopt AI tools, uh, paralegals are already getting laid off, moving very fast.

No white color profession is safe. Um, and then here’s Peter Levels. He says there’s two types of people right now. First type is people that are scared of ai and the second type is people that are getting rich from ai. So again, if you own the machines, you can get richer than you’ve ever been before with less work than ever.

We’re gonna see more one person, million dollar businesses than we’ve seen in history. And I wanna show you how to become an AI magnet and own the machines. So how to build that AI TV channel that brings the money on autopilot. Okay, now, your future depends on this and also, I wanna let you know that you can prove your doubters wrong even if you were one of your doubters, right?

This is a email from my brother, years and years ago. He said, by the way, you’re still gonna have to get a real job someday. And then I figured this stuff out, and a couple years later, this is my deposit statement of my bank guys. So you can see just on the fourth, we have 3,426. On the fourth we have 1,141.

On the fourth, we have 545. On the fifth, we have 5,900, then 2,906, right? We have expenses going out every single day, so why shouldn’t we be getting paid every single day? Now you can see from the statement like at 1114, I had a deposit for $13,199, and then another deposit for $7,082, and another one for $2,004.

Guys, that’s just one day. I have $22,000 in deposits. So that’s a big departure from this, which is 195 hours and a thousand dollars. That’s because we have infinite leverage with technology and media, which is exactly what AI is. So let’s get into it. Let’s show you how to actually do it, right? Secret number one, how you say I create a $300 a day income online with zero technical skills and zero prior experience and zero credentials using an AI TV channel.

So I don’t care if you know how to code right now, or you don’t know how to code, you don’t need to know how to code anymore. AI can do it for you. I don’t care if you know how to design or you don’t know how to design, AI can do that for you. Okay? So I’m gonna show you how to get paid every day without selling on Amazon, talking to clients on the phone, or having to learn technical skills because, does this sound familiar?

I have so many friends guys, dozens of friends who have tried to start businesses or go out on their own and failed, right? Have you ever heard I got shut down by Amazon and lost all my money when you tried to start an Amazon business? I started a restaurant, lost all my money. I hear that one all the time.

I started a course and no one is buying. It happens every day. I became a coach when I’m not getting any clients story of people’s lives, right? I lost all my money in crypto. How about that one? Can you relate to that? I know a lot of people can, right? Or I got laid off. We’re placed by ai. You can see tech layoffs around the world right now in the big companies.

So this is different than all that. You don’t need prior experience. AI does a heavy lifting. There’s no bosses or clients. There’s no inventory to buy, there’s no physical location you can do is from anywhere in the world. There’s no risky crystal investments and uh, no one can lay you off. It’s honestly the best thing that’s ever happened.

This is the best time to ever get into this. So in order to find out how should we use AI to make money, we have to actually stop and look at who is making the most money in the way that we wanna make it, right? Does that make sense to you guys? Hit me with a yes in the comments, if that makes sense. Now don’t run away, just cuz I’m bringing up the Kardashians.

But here is Kylie Jenner and at 21 she became the youngest self-made billionaire in history. And when I saw that, I was like, I didn’t even know who Kylie Jenner was. And so I was like, what is happening right now? You know, how is this 21 year old woman who I don’t think is a business woman, maybe she is.

How is she making that much money? And then I started to see other things pop up, right? Like Ryan Reynolds, a great actor. Great actor, but didn’t know he was a businessman. He just sold Mint Mobile for $1.35 billion. I’m like, again, my brain is going, what’s happening right now? Again, another one of my favorite actors, the Rock.

Do you guys like the Rock? I love the Rock. Uh, Dwayne Johnson’s $3.5 billion tequila brand. He has a tequila brand worth 3.5 billion. I didn’t know he was a tequila guy. He’s an actor. But here’s what I realize, it’s that in this century, attention is currency. You don’t need to own the products in a business anymore, right?

Does Ryan Reynolds know how to build cellular networks? I don’t think so. Does Kylie know how to manufacture makeup? I doubt it. And does the Rock spend his time making tequila? Maybe drinking it but not making it. Okay, so we need to make the distinction between active profits. And passive profits. And I want you guys to remember this phrase, passive profits preferred.

Okay? Hit me in the comments. If you wanna learn how to make passive profits, gimme hashtag passive profits preferred. If you wanna see how this is done, okay? Because you don’t need to be the rocker, Kylie Jenner to make this work for you because you’re probably sitting right now like I’m not an influencer and I don’t want my whole life on social media, and neither do I.

Guys, if you look at my personal profiles on social media, I don’t have many followers at all. It’s just like my mom and my high school friends, but my AI TV channels, here’s one of them 200,000 views in the last 48 hours, right? Would you guys like your own TV channel that’s getting a hundred thousand views a day?

Would that be cool? This is what happens when you own the network. Now, this is actually not a new business model, guys, let me show you what I mean. Okay? Have you ever heard of Ted Turner? He’s actually the largest landowner in the entire US of a. He’s worth 2.2 billion, but you’ve probably never seen him on social media and you probably have never seen him on tv.

And that’s because Ted Turner is a magnate, and that means he owns cnn, T N T, TBS Cartoon Network. What does he do? He starts TV channels and he owns them and he lets somebody else star in them. Right? And what does he do? He collects paychecks. You don’t see Ted Turner on the tv. You don’t see him on Twitter, on social media, on Instagram.

He doesn’t need to be on TikTok dancing. Okay, so Ted Turner is actually the largest landowner in the usa and he spends his time on his ranches. Okay? Now this is how attention as a currency works, how a TV network makes money. They get the attention of pot potential customers. That’s the people watching tv.

That’s what TV shows are for, is to get attention. Then they sell the customers to businesses, aka advertisers, and take a cut of those sales and they make profit, right? So it says, advertising is the primary way. TV networks make money. Networks do not create their own television shows. Instead, they purchase shows from producers that they believe will be popular.

So you can see networks don’t even make their own tv. And then advertisers then pay the network for exposure to consumers during commercial breaks. So they’re actually a middle man for attention, right? Gimme a hashtag middle man for attention, if that makes sense to you. What this means is if you can get attention and refer products, you can make money too without being an influencer, just like Ted Turner, and that’s where AI comes in.

Now I wanna show you an example. Here’s one company that paid me $70,000 just to refer customers from my AI TV channel. Now guys, guess how many customers and clients I talked to for this? $70,000 zero. These just showed up as. Deposits in my bank account. Zero customers I to talk to. Do you know what I was doing during all this?

I was traveling all around the world doing handstands. Cause that’s what I like to do in my free time. Cause I’m weird like that, right? I was in Indonesia and Bali. I was in Puerto Rico in Costa Rica, I was in Florida, I was in Thailand, in Argentina and Morocco in the Sahara Desert. And that’s because network owners get paid and businesses go to work.

Let me tell you what I mean. You can do this from anywhere on any schedule. There’s no inventory, there’s no sales calls, there’s no technical work, no overhead, no employees and no worries. So who do you think is having more fun guys? Somebody who has to show up on social media every day, or somebody who owns the network.

Let me show you somebody else. It’s not just me guys. This is Marla. And she set up a system where her TV network refers customers to just one company. And she says, celebrating my first 5K month. Because we can have mini micro TV networks, guys in the age of social media. So you don’t need to get famous.

You don’t need a ton of followers at all. You just need to refer a couple customers to a business celebrating my first 5K month. Uh, big thank you to guys for your patience and support. And in the comment she says, oops, just hit 6k. And then we got this email from her. It says, just have to thank you guys so much.

I have been living in Mexico of a client whose campaign I haven’t touched in over 18 months because it’s still bringing in consistent sales for them. So she has one TV network, very small that’s very niche, and it just brings in customers for one business. And she’s making six K a month living in Mexico.

And honestly, she hasn’t touched the network in 18 months. Isn’t it crazy? So remember this, network owners get paid, the people who own the network, who own the attention and businesses go to work. So we’re gonna show you how to go create your own AI TV channel. If that sounds cool. If that sounds cool and you want me to show you, gimme a hashtag.

Own the machines if you wanna be the network owner and cash those checks while you’re in Mexico, hashtag own the machines. But let me ask you, if you’re making six K a month an autopilot, where would you go first? Right. One of the first places I went was Bali, Indonesia, also went to the south of France.

There I am doing yoga on a rock. But just remember you’re one AI TV channel away from being an AI magnate and owning the machines. Remember, Ted Turner is a TV magnate. We wanna make you an AI magnate so you don’t have any questions about that. Throw ’em in the comments right now. If you’ve got questions, remember step one, you wanna own the network, then we’re gonna refer customers who are watching our network to a business using a special link, and then we get paid just like you saw me getting $70,000 from one customer there.

Okay? If that makes sense. Uh, if it doesn’t throw, throw some questions in the comments right there and we’re gonna keep it moving. Okay? Secret number two, how I get millions of people to watch my AI TV channel so I can make money in my sleep guidance. There’s a very specific kind of income that I like and that’s called inbox money.

And it’s when I wake up and I check my phone to see how much money I made while I was sleeping, right? I don’t wanna be talking to clients or customers to get paid. So if you think about it, A TV network. Tide pays the TV network to advertise, but the network doesn’t sell the product. They don’t sell Tide, right?

They just have to get attention and they direct it over to Tide, but it’s up to Tide to, you know, provide that product. They have to actually manufacture the detergent and ship it out and put it in stores and deal with refunds and all that stuff. So it’s actually a lot easier to sell attention than detergent.

And if I were you, I would wanna be the one selling attention using AI rather than detergent so you don’t have to deal with all this again, it’s better to have passive profits versus active profits, if that makes sense. Throw it, throw it in the comments. Give me a inbox money, if that sounds cool to you.

Here I am in Bali, sitting by the pool, drinking in cappuccino, kinda like I’m doing right now. And that’s because you get paid while you’re sleeping or while you’re in Bali or drinking cappuccinos. Now, doesn’t TV network only sell Tide? Does they only sell one customer, right? They have to create that attention, but can they only monetize it once?

No. They can also sell diapers. They can sell pharmaceuticals for better or worse, they can sell Tide, they can sell whatever they want. Once they control that attention, you can sell as many products as you want, right? If you control the factory, what do you do? You just sell detergent over and over again and you have employees, you have suppliers, you have taxes, expenses, uh, working hours, customers refunds.

You have all this stuff to deal with. But if you’re selling attention, what do you have? You just have a laptop that you can do this from. Does that make sense? Passive profits preferred. Okay. Now you might be thinking, okay, but no big brands are gonna work with me. I’m a nobody. I haven’t done this before.

How do I actually get paid? Right? Because it costs an average $105,000 to air a 32nd commercial on tv. But remember, we just need little mini TV networks. We don’t need to be the one advertising tide. There are hundreds of thousands and millions of businesses that need to advertise, right? And they want attention.

So there’s thousands of companies that will give you money. Right now they already have these programs set up and they want you to put their links on your AI TV channel. Can you, when you own that channel, all you have to do is put a link on it, right? Let me show you an email I got today. It says, congrats, somebody ordered through your link.

Now remember, I didn’t have to make the sale. I don’t have to fulfill on the order. Just somebody ordered through my link for my TV channel and the money shows up in my inbox, right? That’s inbox money. Money that just shows up anytime of the day, cuz I put that link on my AI TV channel. Now there are thousands of brands that are ready to do this in about a thousand different niches.

So whatever you’re interested in, right? If you’re in a health or wealth or relationships, whatever you want your TV channel to be about, whatever the AI is gonna create for that channel, we’re just gonna pick partners in those niches and then we’re gonna make that inbox money by putting the links in there.

So can we all agree that owning a TV network would be awesome if we make inbox money? Right now you might be thinking, okay, but how many do I have to actually sell? So these businesses will typically pay between 30 and 50% of the sale, depending on the product, right? Guys, it could be anywhere from like 10 to to even more than 50, but they will pay over a percentage of sales that you refer to them, right?

So this one I made $70,000 on, right? But let’s say your target income is $5,000 a month. Let’s say you recommend a hundred dollars products on your AI TV channel, then you would need a hundred customers at $50 each per month. So if one in a thousand viewers of your channel buying something, you need a hundred thousand viewers per month on your channel.

Remember, living in the age of social media, so does this sound, does this sound like a lot? I know to me, at first it sounded like a lot when I thought about doing this, but then I started reading the news and I realized that TikTok completely changed the game. Here’s USA Today. They say TikTok is all based on discovery and recommendations.

It’s not a social network, it’s a discovery network, and there’s a huge, huge difference. Okay, so they say for 20 years Facebook and Instagram has said, we’re the best at social networking. Come get us. And TikTok said, we’re not a social network, we’re a discovery network. Now, this made Kylie Jenner so mad and the Kardashians that they tried to get Instagram to change things back because Facebook and Instagram quickly followed in’s, footsteps, and they changed to Discovery Networks.

Now what does this mean? Well follow on. It’s very bad news for the Kardashians. And it’s good news for you. That’s why they’re so upset about it, because it means, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have anymore, it’s not a social network. It only matters how much attention you can get, which means you don’t have to build your network for years and years and years to make this work for you.

Whereas in the past you did before they were Discovery Networks. You had to build for years, right? You had to be the Kardashians. Now you can be a brand new account. Guys, here’s a brand new account. 250,000 views in 12 hours. Remember how many views I said you had to get in the previous example, a hundred thousand a month, right?

This is 250 in the previous 12 hours. This is how much a quarter a million people looks like. That’s with under a thousand followers on a brand new account that many people watching your stuff per day, and this is a result, is automated payments coming in for recommending products. $97 $267 $19. $19, $19, $19, $267.

Remember I said your expenses to go out every day, you should be getting paid every single day. That’s what we’re gonna set up for you. Now, the thing is, you also make ad revenue on your channel, but this shouldn’t be your main source of income, right? Here’s a month, I got a million views. I made $2,000 in ad revenue, but then in addition to that, I made about $20,000 in automated payments coming in.

Okay? So that’s what happens when you get attention, right? You sell that attention, you make the money in the ad revenue, and you make it on recommending products. Now you’re probably still thinking, how do I actually build out this TV channel where people actually pay attention? And I’m gonna show you how.

Now, how many of you guys have seen Seinfeld? I bet a lot of you have because it’s one of the best shows of all time, okay? I love Seinfeld. I can probably watch it every single year, the whole series. Now, did you know that Jerry Seinfeld still makes 400 million off each syndication cycle? What does that mean?

It means TV networks. Remember, they don’t make their own shows. They’re still airing Seinfeld. They buy the rights to Seinfeld from Jerry for $400 million. That’s a lot of money. That’s how valuable it is to them, right? Then they air Seinfeld and then they sell the airtime to advertisers. So what’s happening?

They’re middlemen for attention, remember? So this is how TV channels operate. Uh, they just air stuff. Then they sell the airtime to advertisers, and then they make money. Now with an AI TV channel, we’re just gonna find out what’s crushing it on social media. We’re gonna create a new version of that with ai.

We’re gonna play it on your channel, and then we’re gonna place lengths to products in your descriptions. And you are gonna profit. So we’re gonna focus on media because we don’t have to run a business. We just have to run the marketing and get attention. Remember, passive profits preferred affiliate over ownership and commission collector.

We just want you to sit back and collect commissions. And when you start doing this, everything’s gonna change. Here’s talking about clients. He says after 15 months in the digital marketing space, how to say, finally broke the $10,000 a month barrier for revenue. Appreciate you guys. Help and support couldn’t have done without you.

So when we made these changes where he starts focusing on getting attention, he very quickly went over the $10,000 a month barrier. Now he just started his channels, um, probably about three months before this, and then he broke $10,000, but you couldn’t do before. Okay? And he did it without selling any products on Amazon, without selling supplements with a new baby on the way.

And he used AI to help him create his machine, right? So you guys don’t own the machine and collect commissions. Does that make sense? Do you have any questions? No. I know you’re still asking how do we use AI to do this, so I’m about to show you, but just let me know if you have questions before I do that.

Okay. Secret number three, how I use AI to clone myself 50 times and get this all done in one day a month. Cuz I know some of you have day jobs, some of you have families, some of you have businesses you run and some of you are just lazy like I am. If I can do it in a little bit of time, why would I spend a lot of time on it?

Okay, so how do we use AI to clone ourselves? This is why I love AI guys. It’s making everything easier. So if you’re busy like me, I have a lot of different hobbies. I like to go snowboarding, I like to play the guitar and the drums. Um, I like to travel. I like to do all this stuff. And I also run multiple businesses.

So if you’re busy like me, you can’t just create another job for yourself. Remember what we said, buy to the bosses. And if you’ve tried starting a new online income source, I know right now like a high ticket, closer an appointment set is really popular. So if you ever try becoming a high ticket closer, a sales rep, an appointment setter, you probably realize you’re just replacing one job with another one boss with another.

And they try to kind of like count this as like the most freedom thing because you don’t have to sort of business. But what happens, guys, you’re changing the desk with anybody else. It’s usually like this. There’s a guy in his living room, in a suit. Stuck at the computer all day, right? So here I am in Bali with some of my friends.

We wanna say bye to the bosses. Now, at first I didn’t wanna build a TV network because I thought that creating content was just a never ending treadmill, right? I’ve seen some YouTubers out there. They just published every single day. It looks absolutely exhausting, and you have to have all these followers and people have to know you and recognize you in public, and I don’t wanna do any of that.

But recently I went to a $50,000 mastermind in Boise. I paid $50,000 to be there, and so did everybody else in the room. So a very high caliber level of people, right? And I’m sitting there listening. I run a couple different businesses, but I’m not running these TV networks. And I hear this woman get up on stage and she’s talking about how she films content for a TV channel just one day a month.

She creates content just one day a month. So 12 days outta the year, she creates content for that TV channel. And guess how much she makes? $500,000 just from that TV channel. Now it also feeds attention to her business, so she also monetizes that on the backend. But just from the channel, she makes $500,000 a year.

Isn’t that cool? If you would put in one day a month on content to make $500,000 a year, gimme a 500 K in the comments. I know that I would guys, so I realized I could create my AI TV channel in just one day a month. And that’s when I got really serious about it because I realized I could be an automated influencer.

And I realized most importantly, AI creates, you celebrate, right? So repeat that for me. AI creates, I celebrate. That means that AI is doing the hard work. And you might be thinking, well, is this really possible? And if you haven’t been paying attention to ai, that makes perfect sense. Now let me show you what it’s capable of.

Okay? I asked ai, I said, gimme a picture of a monkey hosting the news at the news desk. Three seconds later, this is what I got guys. I just typed in that text right there, that text you see on the screen, and this is what I got. Incredible, right? Just an incredible imagery. Now AI can actually create anything that we want right now.

It has just in the last couple months progressed so fast it will blow your mind. Okay, so next I ask Chati to write a YouTube script. No longer than 60 seconds about starting your own AI TV channel and making passive profits 30 seconds later. This is what I got. Okay? This is a script with time cos ever jump to starting your own AI TV channel and making passive profits.

Let’s jump right in. Step one, choose your niche. Find your topic you’re passionate about. Make sure there’s an, you know, audience eager for that. We’re gonna show you how to do all this. But guys, I didn’t write this script at all. I did not write any of it. I put in this prompt right here into the AI and it wrote this whole thing.

Okay? Now, if I wanted to, I could read this on camera, right? But I actually don’t wanna read it on camera, so let me show you what I did. This is. An AI voice generator. So what I did was I took the script that was AI generated, I didn’t write it, and then I put it in the voice generator. And let me play it for you.

Ever dreamt of starting, ever dreamt, of starting your own AI TV channel and making passive profits? Let’s jump right in. Step one, choose your niche. Find a topic you’re passionate about and make sure there’s an audience eager for that content. Step two, get the tools. Invest in an AI content generator like OpenAI, so you can see it.

Just spit out a voiceover. And you know, we put music behind this. You’re not even really tell it’s AI and the stuff gets better every single month. So, um, even if you could tell that’s ai now number one, I’m asking you do just fine on social media. And number two, it gets better every single month. Now, next, I wanted to actually put a video behind it so I could put this on TikTok, right, to drive attention.

So I’ve uploaded to another AI program. I didn’t do any video. Adlink guys and open any video adlink software, choose your niche. Find a topic you’re passionate about and make sure there’s an audience eager for that content. Step two, get the tools. Invest in an AI content generator like open AI or similar to automatically create engaging videos for your channel.

Step three, customize. Set the tone, style and topics for your AI to produce unique content that keeps viewers coming back for more. So you get the idea. Now you guys, this took about 10 seconds of my work to create, and if I wanted it, I could create thousands of these, right? And I can promote whatever I want.

So in this, we’re promoting the AI magnets, but we can promote anything that we want here. Whatever you need to promote on your channel, there it is. And what happened? I didn’t write it. So you don’t need to be good at copywriting. I didn’t record the voice, so you don’t need to be good at voice stuff. I didn’t edit the video, so you don’t know how to edit a video.

But what did I do as the network owner? I decided what to make. Okay. So I call this reruns and rewrites. Gimme a reruns and rewrites in the comments if, if you get this, what we do is we take viral videos, we go find out what they are using a specific tool, and then we just rewrite them. For our niche, we use an AI voice of the voiceover AI video or images for the media.

And we’ve just created media without having to be the star. So here’s a, here’s a video on that style. It’s a voiceover and B roll, which means there’s a voice playing and then there’s just clips in the background. It got 1.7 million views and 129,000 likes, 3000 comments. That’s a lot of attention being driven guys.

A lot of attention. Now here’s the deal. There’s lots of clips that you can use. Um, no problem. There’s also a law called fair use, which means if you’re u creating educational content on social media, you’re allowed to use little clips of other people’s videos. So sometimes in these videos people will say, Hey, I made it into the video, cuz there’s actually a little clip of them in it from their YouTube channel right Now we can also use AI generated video and stock video sites.

But guys, something called Text to Video is being developed right now. It’s being released this week and next week, and you’re actually just like Chat two p t or like Mid Journey. You type in a prompt and it’s gonna spit out an image for you. Or words, you can type in a prompt and it’s gonna spit out video for you and you can make your whole videos that way.

So even by the time you get into the program, like next week, it’s gonna get so much easier to make videos and the week after that easier and easier and easier. And that’s the cool thing about AI right now is like it’s just getting insanely easier every single week. And so that’s why it’s moving so fast.

Like it’s this rocket ship you wanna get on it so that you’re learning the tools and you don’t just completely left behind, right? And so the result when you get this right is just payments coming in, you know, $97, 206, $7, $19, $19. And where am I when this stuff happens, guys, there am at a beach club, a beautiful beach club in Bali on my computer, checking my payments.

This is what payments look like, guys from another vendor. $198, $38, $118, $118, $38, $198, $38, $118. This is for a partner program. There’s no fulfillment on it, guys. Isn’t that cool? Now if you’re nervous about like publishing your own channel, we can also do faceless channels. And we basically just take like viral clips and we remix them in a very specific way.

And this is a brand new channel, guys, faceless channel. There’s no face on it at all. Um, and you can see 1.5 million views, 893,000 views, 328,000 views. That’s the first month of this channel. And look how long these clips are. Five seconds long. Six seconds long. Six seconds long. So it’s not hard to create these clips, it doesn’t take a long time.

You get a five second video clip, right? So we’re gonna show you exactly how to do that. So what happens when you learn to control the media and become an AI magnate when you learn how to use media tier advantage, which runs the world today? Cody started as a barista guys, and he learned how to use media.

To get out of being a barista and get into the media world. And guess what? He says, Hey man, just hit my first 30 K week last week. Just figured you might enjoy hearing that. He said, that’s profit, not sales. Such a cool text to get from him. And what a beast, guys. But this stuff is so powerful because media is infinitely scalable and the AI creates, remember, it’s not like before the AI creates, you celebrate.

You can be an automated influencer. So we just learned the three secret secret number on how to use AI to create a $300 a day income online with zero technical skills by owning the network. Remember, just like Ted Turner, you can do this with zero prior experience and zero credentials, and you wanna be the owner and just create content with the ai, right?

Secret number two, how I get paid every day without selling my own product. Talking to clients on the phone are having to learn technical skills. Remember, it’s easier to own the media than the factory because you can sell whatever you want. You can do it from anywhere in the world on your own schedule, and you’re not showing up to work nine to five to run that factory to sell the actual product.

So passive profits preferred. And secret number three, how use AI to clone myself 50 times to get all this done in one day a month. AI creates, you celebrate. You don’t need to be good at the 50,000 things you used to have to be good at to make this work because AI has gotten so unbelievably good. So could you do this?

Could you make this work for yourself? If you knew how to own the network so you got paid for media instead of the manufacturing. Yeah, I know you could because I’ve seen it over and over again. Could you make this work for yourself if you knew the right partners to choose to pay maximum profits from your channel?

Yes. Again, because we see our students every day. You see those payments coming in over and over again with no fulfillment. And could you make this work for yourself if you knew how to create all of this using AI tools so you didn’t have to rely on hiring people? We’re taking years to develop the skills.

Absolutely. Cuz that’s what we’re doing right now. That’s what our students are doing right now. And it gets easier every single day. It is a rocket ship and you want to get on because it’s moving fast. So secret number one, you wanna own the machines secret. Two, passive profits preferred, right? We don’t want a bunch of new bosses.

We wanna be the boss. And secret three, AI creates you celebrate. So you’re one AI channel away from becoming an AI magnate. So do you think you could be successful if you knew how to start your own AI TV channel that runs 24 7 365, bringing in money for you? Right guys, this is global and it’s all day every single day.

It’s not like a job where you only get paid for the hours that you work. Could you be successful if you knew how to monetize that channel with the right passive offers so that the hard work is done for you by your partners? If you knew how to create viral content using AI and algorithms? Yeah, I know you could.

Cuz that’s the recipe for success. Here’s some of our students right here. We did a live event down in Cabo, Mexico, an all, all inclusive resort, and we all were down there working on our laptops doing this stuff. So what would you do if you had an online TV channel that didn’t require you to be in one specific place?

If you made six figures to publish AI content, it didn’t cost you money to go on vacation. If you had freedom with your time and your finances, if you had an income source that you love, wouldn’t that be awesome? I know it would because I’ve done it for me and I’ve helped thousands of people do it. So who wants to take things to the next level?

If you want to put in the q and a box, I’m ready right now and we’ll do it. Okay. Let me see. Yeah. So how many of you are excited about what we just talked about? I know I am. It’s awesome, right? It’s so cool. And it was never before possible in history. It’s such an exciting time to be alive. But how many of you are a little overwhelmed because of how much we’ve covered?

Yeah. If this is the first time you’ve heard this stuff, it’s kind of a lot to go over. So I’ll put together a little offer for you, and I just wanted to ask, is it okay if I share a little bit more? We put together a program to help you get this done Now. Now this is for you guys. Guys, if you want, I can just end this right now.

Um, so just put, please share if you want me to share. Otherwise we can wrap this up right now. Up to you guys. Yep. Okay. All right. I’m seeing a lot of Please shares. Please share. Please share. All right, we’re gonna do it then. Okay. So here’s the deal. I’m looking to train a few special people on my full system.

I wanna give you the exact steps, my video scripts, the niches, partners, scripts, everything you need to make this work, okay? So that you can go out there and build your own AI TV channel. Now, I’m not accepting everyone. There are a few conditions, okay? I can’t help you if you’re not serious about getting results and actually getting this done over the next couple weeks and months.

If you’re not willing to follow the steps that I outlined in the system step by step, if you’re not willing to dedicate five hours a week, okay? Remember, you can do this. To get started, it’ll take a little extra. So let’s go with one day a week. You can do it, um, after that. You can do it in one day a month if you want, after you get up and running and you have momentum.

Okay? But we have some setup to do. Uh, it’s not gonna help you if you don’t have a laptop or a desktop computer. You can’t do it just from a phone. And if you’re not willing to use the system ethically and care about the results on your AI TV network, okay? Using the materials that we give you. But I can’t help you if you promise not to take advantage of my hardworking generosity.

Don’t like steal this stuff and share it with everybody you know. Um, and if you promise me that you won’t give up right before the miracle happens, right? You need to actually log in when you get started and put this stuff to use. And if you promise me that you’re gonna give this your all and create real change for you and your family and your income and your life, and actually commit to this guys.

Okay. This isn’t like, oh, let me see how I feel about this. This is like, let’s do this. This is obviously the future. This is happening right now. We’ve already proven that it works over and over again, and all you have to do is commit. So I wanna introduced to you AI Magna. This is all about creating your AI TV channel as fast as possible with as few mistakes as possible, guys, cuz I have made thousands of mistakes with the media and it’s taken me years to learn what I can teach you in just weeks.

Okay? So I’m wanna give you everything you need to get this done now. I don’t want you to be successful six months from now or a year from now, or two years from now. I want you to be able to do all this right now. And so we put together. Together, a step-by-step program, we’re gonna show you everything that you need to do.

So if a beginner AI magnet is all about picking the right topic for your channel, um, creating the right videos, how to make AI generated content, scheduling, publishing, choosing the right partners to get paid, growing your channel and doing it all on your own time so you don’t have any boss, okay? Now, if you already have a business, if you’re a freelancer, if you’re a product owner, online, course creator, agency, whatever, this is all about starting your own media brand around your business to drive unlimited leads and paying clients into your business, using AI tools to get this all done in one day a month, and learning how to go viral in your niche easier than ever before so you can get out of that hamster wheel again.

There we are working, uh, on this project in Cabo, right there. So remember, you’re one AI channel away. We’re gonna give you six weeks of implementation. You can do this one day a week, guys. So just commit to that for me. And then after that, you can switch to one day a month if you want. But this is how you make passive profits preferred and get inbox money.

Remember, expenses go out every day. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be getting paid every day just like I am right there. And remember, Cody, he says, I quit my job three weeks after I started the program and not long after that, guys, he was brand new, starting out learning the stuff that we teach you, and then he goes on and grows to 30 K in profit sales per week.

And this is gonna work for you if you’re a beginner, if you’re experienced, if you’re ambitious, or if you just wanna replace your income. Jasmine says, I’ve officially earned my first money with chat G p T. So if you’ve tried out chat G P T and you think it’s really cool, but you haven’t earned any money with it yet, you’re missing a piece, guys.

And that’s what we’re here for. And Christopher on the right says, five months of content done in one go. Okay. And just like aba, he says, before this, I was working 15 months in the digital marketing space, but with these strategies, I’ve finally broken the $10,000 per month barrier for revenue. Appreciate you guys.

And all the help and support. And the coolest thing is Abed is a brand new father. He just had his first baby. So to see him take off with without momentum and reach new heights is amazing. And I want the same thing for you. So what else do you need to be sure this is work for you? Because I don’t want this to work for you six months from now.

I don’t want it to work a year from now. I don’t want you to have a false start. I want you to get this done. Right now, so I’m gonna give you the AI TV channel trading so you can implement our exact system the same way that we do. But I also wanna give you the roadmap. So I’m gonna give you climbing the AI mountain worth $1,200.

See, here’s the deal. It’s not that most people don’t work hard in life, it’s that they choose the wrong path, right? I’m sure you’ve seen lots of people that work extremely hard and they never get wealthy, and that’s because sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you hike, if you’re on the wrong trail, you’re never gonna make it to the summit, right?

Especially when the stakes are high. If you’re climbing Everest, you don’t wanna be guessing which way to go yet. That’s how most people approach starting their own online income. And so we actually put together the map that’s gonna guide you from just starting out to not being into this at all. To climbing the AI mountain using what’s called the LEAPS Framework.

And we’re gonna bring you up step by step so you can go through each stage and progress along to get to seven figures, right? It’s the exact roadmap we used to build multiple seven figure companies. And our map is gonna show you where you are now cuz everybody’s in a different spot, right? So we’re gonna place you where you are now.

Exactly what’s standing in your way to graduate to the next level. So you don’t need to focus on everything in our system at once. We just need to say, okay, if you’re a Lud eight right now, here’s what you need to focus on to get to explore. If you’re an explorer, here’s what you focus on to get to adopter, and here’s how you know you made it, and here’s how you know you’re ready to go on to a producer, right?

So what to focus on to get there, what to do once you’re there, and then how to make consistent and most importantly, predictable progress up a mountain, right? So you know what’s coming next. So you’re looking at that trail map and you’re saying, oh yeah, here’s where we are on the trail. Here’s how much further we have to go and this is the direction we want to go in instead of just blindly wandering.

Right? And the result of this roadmap is you can make seven figures working from beaches and beach clubs all around the world. I know, cuz I’ve done it over and over and over again. Now most people go out there and they think, yeah, I’ve never done this before. And it’s really hard to, it’s something that most people in society never accomplish.

But you know what, I can actually figure it out myself. You know what? There’s 200, sorry to be a little gruesome, guys. There’s 200 frozen dead bodies on Mount Everest. People that didn’t make it, they tried to climb the mountain. And this is what’s happening when people try to start online incomes. It might have even happened to you, right?

You start, you make it halfway of the mountain and your map isn’t the right map, and all of a sudden you freeze and you stop. And guess what? You might stay stuck on that mountain forever. So I have to tell you, please don’t be a frozen body. It’s really stupid to try to climb Everest without a Sherpa who’s done it over and over again, right?

And the same thing happens for trying to make your online income for trying to start your AI TV channel for trying to get paid every single day, right? Don’t be a frozen body. Just let us give you that guide and you’re going to get climbing the AI mountain that’s gonna show you exactly how to do that.

So you can get the AI TV channel, so you can implement our system step by step, climbing the AI mountain so you know exactly what to do every step of the way, and you know exactly where you are and how to get to the next step. Next, we’re gonna give you faceless channel fortunes. Okay guys. I used to be, I know it’s hard to believe cuz I’m talking on this webinar, but I used to be so shy that I wouldn’t publish at all and it held me back for years and years.

I knew I should be doing it. It’s one of those things I know I should do, right? I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I just wasn’t doing it and it would hold me back over and over again. Sometimes I would start up and then I’ll stop and start up and stop and you know, I would just think about what could be if I could just get myself to do it.

Okay? But then I met Lauren, my friend Lauren. And Lauren, you know, she had a unique situation. She had this older sister who was kind of a bully. She like wasn’t that nice to her growing up. Now they’re friends as adults, but you know, it kind of hurt her a little bit and made her super shy and she was like way more nervous than I was to put herself out there.

In her first video. She got laughed at by her friends in college, but she kept going and going and going. And now she has a huge following and she changes thousands of people’s lives. But here’s the only thing about Lauren, she’s not a real person and neither are thousands of other influencers that you see out there right now with AI TV channels.

On TikTok, on Instagram, on YouTube and the next 18 months. Guys, if you don’t remember anything from this presentation, remember this 18 months from now, I want you to think about me because we’re gonna see more virtual influencers than real wants. So get ready for it cuz you’re not gonna know who is real.

Here’s a news article that says Meet 3D virtual influencers. The new breed of marketing influencers. And guys, it’s not just like some weird people on the internet doing it. It says, brands are starting to leverage computer generated fictional characters. So every brand in the world is gonna be doing this in about 18 months, and you are ahead of the curve right now.

Okay? So if you wanna stay behind the scenes like Ted Turner and you wanna actually just hire virtual influencers who are actually your own creation, they don’t exist to create faceless channels for you. Here’s a faceless channel of ours, 1.5 million views, 893,000 views, 328,000 views. Guys, this is the first month of this channel, so you can now do what big brands do.

And we perfected the formula, and this is actually not something new. Brands have been doing this for hundreds of years. Think about Aunt Jemima, uncle Ben, Betty Crocker, the marble man, Tony the Hager, Ronald McDonald. Because humans relate to characters and personalities better than they do brands. And so that’s why this virtual influencer brand thing works so well.

And if you don’t wanna be in front of the camera, no problem. Right? So you can either be the star or you can let your virtual influencer be the star. And guys, you would not believe some of the companies doing this right now. I, I’m enclosed Doors I see behind the scenes of what people are doing. There are businesses creating 500, a thousand virtual brands at a time right now, and they are gonna take all the money in the market before anybody even catches on.

And you can be in that early wave. So when you have this, you can stop not starting because you’re scared or you’re not good on camera, or you don’t wanna talk in front of the camera. Stop staying hidden and not getting results and start growing your faceless channel and getting sales without showing your face or your voice, and learning the future of ai.

And do what big brands are doing right now before the whole world finds out about it. Okay? So you can start your virtual Influence brand. You can grow that brand for years and years. Guys, aunt Jemima actually think it got shut down in the last couple years, but it had been around for a hundred years, right?

Now I want you to think about something for me. You could go out there and you could try to do on your own, end up a frozen body like we talked about. Or you could join this program and spend a little bit of your money to get back time because here’s the thing about money. You go out there and you make a sale on your business or you get a paycheck from your job and that money that you just spent, it comes back to you, doesn’t it?

So money replenishes over and over again. But the thing about time, if you’re too busy at work, cause you can’t figure out how to get leverage and own the network, you can’t figure out how to get paid every single day. Just like your bills come in every day if you’re stuck at work because of that. And you miss that once in a lifetime vacation with your significant other, or you miss playing that soccer game with your daughter, that time doesn’t come back, does it?

So what I’m asking you to do is take a resource money that replenishes over and over again and just spend a little bit of that to get my system and get back your time. And the sooner you do this, the sooner you’re gonna start making so much more and get your freedom. So would you rather have your freedom and more income now, or would you rather have it later?

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have it now. It’s a lot more valuable right now. So what you get, you’re gonna get the AI TV channel training so you can implement our exact system, step by step, climbing the AI mountain. So you always know where you are on the journey, and you see from startup being brand new all the way to seven figures, and you have that map to guide you there.

Just like if you’re on a mountain, you’re gonna get faceless channel fortunes. So you can start your virtual influencer brand before the whole world finds out about this. I guarantee you guys, 18 months, every company in the world is gonna be doing this and you’re gonna get our AI super creator system.

This is gonna blow your mind. Okay, here’s someone from the center group says six months of scripts in less than an hour, guys, 90 scripts in 49 minutes. It’s easier than it’s ever been. And that’s because AI can do anything you want it to do right now. So I’m gonna play you this quick video and show you like a little preview of what’s coming.

So this is Christopher Walkin, uh, in the music video weapon choice in the bottom with a drag and drop interface on the top. He’s turned into a robot. What this means is you’ll be able to make CGI Marvel level films with your iPhone within the next year. And if you want to, you can act in a movie and you can turn yourself into an animated character, into a robot, into a big bunny, like literally into an action figure, whatever you want.

But drag and drop, that’s how easy it’s getting. So that’s already out. It’s just not available to everybody yet. But again, think about a virtual influencer. You can make ’em look like whatever you want. You can change their voice wherever you want. It’s now possible to create anything you want with a couple clicks of a button.

We live in very exciting times. Okay, so remember I showed you that video where I didn’t write the script, I didn’t do the B roll, I didn’t do any of it, right? This is gonna get easier and easier and easier, and we show you the perfect workflow for AI videos of all kinds, no matter what your brand is. And again, just like by tomorrow, by next week, you’re gonna be able to do cooler and cooler things.

So remember, this is a video that’s just a voiceover and B-roll. It got 1.7 million views, 129,000 likes and brought in. Money day after day after day, months and months and months and months and months later after it was published. Okay? So it doesn’t have to be complicated. I didn’t write it. I didn’t record the voice.

Ending out the video on videos like this. And you can make them over and over and you can use our bulk creation process, but I actually wanna make it even easier on you. Is that fair? Because I know you’re busy, you probably have a lot going on. And actually, if you could just get this done faster, wouldn’t that be good?

So this is, um, one of my profiles on a site where you can hire developers. You can see I spent over $200,000. I’ve had people working for me for over 10,000 hours. And that’s because I spend money to get technical people cuz I’m not technical to build me stuff that makes my life easier and faster. And so I’m gonna give you the super creator code.

And what this is, is we’re out there and we hired a developer, a developer, a technical person cuz uh, we’re not technical. And they built this code where you just open it in your browser and you can actually create 164 ready to upload TikTok and YouTube shorts in 15 minutes, all hands off and running in the backgrounds, and then launch that to your channel.

Is that cool? So you can do like three months of content in 15 minutes if you want, and we’ll show you. I’m not sure about that. We’ll show you how to, I think my, um, Alexa’s going off in the background right now. We’re gonna show you how to create all sorts of assets. Quote cards. You can see here somebody from inside the group.

They said they created five months of quote cards in a couple of minutes. Um, but when you have the super creator code, you can bulk create shorts on autopilot and you’re gonna get that when you sign up today. Now, if you don’t learn how to use the tools like this, it’s like you’re farming by hand, competing against a fleet of tractors.

You can do it. You’re just not gonna be able to put out very much, right? And the money’s gonna come from putting out stuff so that you grow your channel bigger and bigger. So when you have this, you can stop struggling to get content for your channel. Stop wondering what and when to publish. Wondering if you should just give up and having to manually create everything and save yourself so much time and just bulk publish your content all at once.

Work on your channel one day a month if you want, and copy paste our systems and our code into your channel so you can save money on tech and not spend $200,000 like I did. I can tell you it’s not that fun to spend that much money, so, Why don’t you just take what I already spent money on and use it for your channel, right?

That’s the whole point. So what’s you gonna get today? The AI TV channel training so you know exactly what to do and you take our whole system and just implement it for your channel. Climbing the AI Mountains so you know exactly where you are in the mountain and you don’t end up a frozen body, faceless channel fortune.

So you can do this even if you don’t wanna be the star of the show and you don’t wanna be in front of the camera and you know what big brands are doing before everybody else finds out about it. And you’re gonna get the AI Super creator system so you can bulk create videos and create 164 videos in just a couple of minutes.

Now, you’re also gonna get 12 months of money toaster monthly. Stay with me here. Okay? This is worth $1,200. What is a money toaster? A money toaster is something where you put money in and you push the button down and pop outcomes more money. And that is what AI has done for creating an online income.

Now there are so many new AI tools coming out and so many minor money toasters being created that uh, we didn’t wanna leave you behind. And so we started something called money and that’s because we put out new AI tools three times a week inside Money Toaster monthly. And this is a community and a classroom where you get the newest AI tools every single week.

So you’re never behind the curve. Remember how fast this is progressing. And so it’s like a year from now, we might be using totally different tools than right now, and they’re actually gonna be way cooler and make our life way easier. So three times a week, you’re gonna get new tools inside Money Toaster monthly, and you’re gonna get hang off an amazing community of hundreds of people learning AI and making money.

Now we have people creating an AI image of themselves when they join the program. So we see a bunch of AI images here and a couple of real ones. Um, but here’s the deal. Inside of this community, we have awesome people implementing AI in their lives in so many different ways. And so you are gonna see if you’ve ever wondered like, how are people actually implementing AI right now outside of this program?

Inside here we have neuroscientists, affiliate marketers, CEOs, agency owners, writers, designers, digital nomads, nine to five ERs, course creators, side hustlers, skincare brands, hypnotists. Holistic health practitioners, massage therapists, videographers, photographers, wedding photographers, pretty much everything you can think of already.

Okay? And so that’s the community you’re gonna be joining. Now, if information was the answer, we’d all be billionaires with six pack abs. If you ask me this, billionaire needs a little bit of work on a six pack, but we don’t need more information. We need money toasters, things where you put put inputs into it and more comes back out.

And we need amigos. We need friends, right? We need to see how other people are implementing these tools and then go along in the journey with them. If we have those two things, it’s very easy to succeed. So instead of going out there and searching the internet and watching videos by yourself in your basement on YouTube and not making any progress at all, Come join us in Money Toast Monthly, hang out with these awesome people and get our money Toasters three times a week.

Okay? Now you’re gonna log in every day and learn something new. Or you can log in once a week and just see what we updated. And you can impress your friends with these tools. You can take the guesswork out of AI so you can get your time back, make your business and your TV channel easy. So this week we did an AI meme creator.

So I just uploaded this photo on the right and then it automatically creates the title cuz it knows what’s happening in the image. It says, when you finally meet someone who understands your conspiracy theories, I thought that was really good. So I’m gonna show you this meme creator that you can, you, you can take a picture of your friend.

It’ll create a really funny caption. Uh, you can take a picture of, you know, I took one of my car of, uh, coffee cup and it said like, this car’s powered by caffeine. The AI is so smart and knows exactly what’s happening in the photos. And you can see Isabel over here saying, that was really fun. Jasmine is posting some of her memes over there.

So we have a lot of fun in that group. But you also are staying on the cutting edge of ai, so you never get left behind. And again, you’re gonna learn how all different kinds of people are using AI so that you can ride the AI wave to the top. In all areas of your life, right? Your personal life, in your health, in your family, in your business.

It’s like you get your own personal AI research team. And this stuff is going to revolutionize guys, if I haven’t told you enough yet, it’s gonna revolutionize the world in the next 12 months, and I don’t think people understand what’s coming, okay? And you are in such a cool place right now. You’re at the right place, right time because you’re on the forefront of it.

You are so lucky to be here right now because you are not gonna get just annihilated by AI like everybody else. So let me ask you something. If all this deal was help you replace your income and be able to work from anywhere, you never had to go back to a job. Doesn’t matter if your grandma’s house or in Bali on the beach, you can make money that way.

Would that be worth signing up? Right? What is all this worth? Now, we consulted with the sales agency. We wanted to make sure we priced AI magnate appropriately, and we showed them everything that we’re doing for you. And they said, after seeing all that, we shouldn’t charge anything less than $6,000. They said, honestly, 10,000.

But if you wanna get more people in, maybe 6,000. But remember, you are just one AI TV channel away from getting total freedom in your life. From owning the network from passive profits, preferred from AI creates you celebrate. And so we don’t have to make it more affordable for you. So if all this did was give you the confidence to start your own channel and start receiving inbox money, what would that be worth to you?

Would it be worth $6,000? If all this did was get you working viral videos to start with, instead of staring at a blank screen and start from scratch, what would that be worth to you? $6,000. Well, it’s just one successful channel worth. I have multiple channels, guys, a hundred thousand views a month, and one in a thousand people watching your videos makes a sale.

That’s $5,000 a month. Would it make sense for me to charge 5K for that and I’m basically taking one month outta the year and you get the other 11 months? That sounds pretty fair to me, isn’t it? Right? Results like this, what is just one successful channel? What if you double your channel each month? You know, this channel I have has 600,000 views a day by the end of the year, making 10 k to a hundred K a month just from your channel.

Chad down here says, added $13,000 in monthly revenue in less than a week. Okay, George here says, have my first $7,000 day. And then he broke a hundred thousand dollars a month a couple months later. So for him, it’s worth a hundred thousand dollars a month that he’d be losing if he didn’t learn from us.

So how much would it be worth you if you had a proven video scripts to publish your channel and get views? If you had proven checklists to set up your channel and pick the right niche, how much would you pay to be able to travel the world and work wherever you want? Charmaine Chassie doubled her income to $7,000 a month in the first month working for us.

So for her, it’s worth three and a half thousand dollars a month forever after that. But she’s gonna keep growing and growing and growing. So you can take the usual 20, 30 year retirement and just redistribute it throughout your life until you wait until your, instead of waiting until your old and gray, okay, so Evan says $4,500 a month raise in one day.

So for him, this is worth $4,500 a month, and then he grows from there. So let’s just rinse and repeat, right? Grow your TV channels, grow your profits, and then you rinse and repeat. Passive profits preferred while AI creates you Celebrate. So I like to say copy, paste, profit. So all these people you’ve seen so far, they’ve all got started on this webinar listening to me talk right now.

So you can see why it’s a good deal at $6,000. But we decided to get crazy and I know if you stay with me this far, that you really wanna make this happen for yourself. And I also know the AI is moving really fast. And so I wanna make sure that you don’t get left behind. So I wanna get you on the AI train right now so you can get started with AI Magnate for just $1,497 today on this call.

It expires after that. And you can get started tv And again, we’re gonna give you our whole system so it’s copy, paste, profit. Okay? And this will change your life, guys. I guarantee it. Now I’ve gotta be honest, I had two choices. I could make this like super cheap and then everybody in the whole entire world could get into it and then we wouldn’t have any advantage cause everybody be doing it and we wouldn’t have any resources to build the support and the coaching and then constantly update it.

Or I could charge a little bit more and make it better for you and give you the support that you need. I thought that you’d probably prefer to have a better program than pay a little bit more to make sure you get results. And since I was able to charge a little bit more, that allows me to back up my work.

So we have 110% action based, risk free 180 day guarantee. So if you go through my process and just help you get high value views on sales and shortcut your process by years, I’ll refund your money and give you a hundred dollars. Okay? Now, this is an action-based refund. You must do your homework. If you just log in and steal the material, you do not get a refund, okay?

You actually have to go through, that’s what’s gonna get your results. If that doesn’t get your results, no problem, we’ll refund you. My system works, period. We back up our work, guys. Some programs have a guarantee period, so short. That you don’t even have time to go through it and see if the program works.

Like some have like a seven day refund period. How are you supposed to figure it out if this actually works? You gotta go through material and then put it into practice. So I wanna give you enough time to go through the entire program, put it into practice, grow your channel, start making sales, and actually change your life.

And then you can decide, okay? So it’s up to you what path to take. Choice number one, you can do what you’ve always done, and if you’ve gotten results that you love, that’s amazing, you should keep doing that. But if you’ve got results that you’d rather have a little bit better results, maybe don’t keep doing the same thing, right?

So choice two would be look for another opportunity. And I’ve just explained how this is right place, right time. The best opportunity in the world right now. It is the convergence of tech and media right now, guys. AI is tech that creates media. It’s the ultimate scalability. It’s something that be replicated infinitely over and over again.

So Choice three is just partner with me on a proven system and walk through the door to a whole new life than you have right now. So I have to ask, when presented with a better way of doing things, do you keep doing what you’re doing? Or do you change your approach? Because people who progress in life whose life actually changes, I have to tell you, they actually change the activities that they’re doing.

They change their mentors that they have influencing in, in their life, and they change what they’re doing for work so that they get different results. So the real question is, is it worth taking a little bit of time and going through this today and trying it out and seeing if it works for you, know that you’re completely backed up by your action based guarantee, knowing that this is the best opportunity in the world right now.

So you have to ask if you start working today, how soon can you be successful? As soon as you get started, log in and start putting this into practice. Remember, AI can create media faster than ever in history, so you can get going right away. Now I wanna make sure that you’re successful right off the bat, right?

I don’t want you to log in, just be stuck with like a course not getting results. I’m wondering when I’m gonna make my first sale. So I want to get you to make your first sale the very first week that we worked together. Is that fair guys? If you join me today, I wanna help you get your first sale this week.

Now, you could log in right now and get your first sale today with what I’m about to show you. Okay? So you’re gonna get the AI TV channel training so you know exactly what to do. Climbing the AI mountain so you know how far up you are, and you have a path so you don’t end up a frozen body, baseless channel fortune, so you don’t have to be in front of the camera if you don’t want to.

AI super creator system. So you can bulk create this in one day a month, 12 months money toaster monthly, so you can come get three new AI tools a week and stay on the cutting edge of ai. And today as a fast action bonus, because on a reward action takers, they get the best results and they’re gonna do the best with this.

If you sign up on this webinar today, you’re gonna become an AI magnate licensed advertiser. We’re 39 97, and you can get Now, let me show you what I mean. I don’t want you to go out there and have a bunch of guesswork. Like I said, I want you to make your first sale today. So what if we just made it easy and let you partner with us?

If you’ve never made your first dollar online, I can tell you when you see that first paycheck comes through, it will change your life and what you think is possible. So I want you to experience that as soon as possible today. If, if possible, if you get started and you get going, if it’s late where you are, I don’t know where you are in the world, maybe we’ll start on it tomorrow, okay?

But we wanna make it easy. So the speed to cash is as low as possible for you. So we’re gonna let you partner with us. If you get started today, let me show you what I mean. Uh, when I first started my AI TV channel, I chose the wrong partners and I’ll get like $20 paychecks here and there when I could have been getting a hundred dollars checks or more.

And I would sell products that are difficult to sell instead of products that are really easy to sell. Okay? Now we’re gonna let you be a partner and sell Money Toaster monthly. And you can be on this list getting paid every 30 days. So you can see 800, 700 4897, 4,859, $7,903. These are payouts to our partners.

Now, here’s the deal. I said, I wanna see you succeed right away. So we’re gonna give you what’s called swipe files. These are like commercials you can use. They’re posts that you can use, uh, videos, you can use, viral ideas, links, scripts, everything that you need to go out there and make your first sale. Now you can see, here’s the BBC saying AI anxiety.

The workers who fear losing their jobs to artificial intelligence, as I have already said over and over again, AI is about to completely transform the world. Probably about 50% of the workforce is gonna lose their job in the next three years. Now you can help people learn ai. I truly believe that every single person in the world that wants to stay relevant has to learn AI in the next three years.

And you can be a part of the movement of helping people learn AI so they don’t get left behind. So when they get laid off because of ai, they know what to do next and actually use the AI and own the machines. And so when we get them into money tools for monthly, we’re gonna teach them AI tools to adapt and change.

And here’s the deal. I’m gonna give you a hundred percent commissions. Everything that you sell on money till monthly, the whole first month, you’re gonna get all that money. I’m not gonna take any of it and I’m gonna fulfill the whole entire, entire order. I’m gonna do the advertising, the remarketing, the email follow up.

I’m gonna get them into the members area. I’m gonna provide them coaching, and I’m gonna update the content and I’m gonna give you all the money from that first month. Does that sound fair? Because I’m wanna see you succeed and I wanna save people from the AI takeover. Now, let’s break this down. What does it actually take?

So our current order form, conversion of money toaster monthly is about 10%. That means one in 10 people who check us out for the very first time who have never heard of us before. Right now we’re buying money toaster monthly. So that means we need to get 10 people to our order form to actually make a hundred dollars.

What else does that? That means you need to get 10 people to the order form to make your first a hundred dollars. Okay, now, To make one sale a day to get a hundred dollars a day, that’s just 10 people a day. You’re getting the order for ’em through your AI TV channel. But wait, some of those people are also gonna upgrade to AI Magni.

So you’re gonna make even more cuz you’re gonna make money on that. So you just need to get one person to buy a day and then you’re gonna make $4,500 a month and you’re gonna make all that profit with your a TV channel. But none of the work fulfilling. Remember if you advertise Tide Laundry detergent, pods on your TV channel, you don’t have to make the laundry pods, right?

So you don’t have to make the membership, you don’t have to deal with customer service, you don’t have to update the content and you’re gonna make all the profits. Not 50%, not 20%, not 10%. Like some affiliate partners. And again, you might be thinking why we do this? Well, we do it cuz some people that join Money sales are monthly.

They’re gonna join AI Magni and we don’t offer a hundred percent commissions on those, even though we still offer a huge percentage of AI Magni as commissions. So we’ll make a little bit of money there to make some of our money back. But we have a program for high level entrepreneurs who already make over $500,000 a year and we teach them how to build AI bots in their business.

It’s called Space Trains. And you don’t need to worry about that right now. You don’t need to worry about that until you’re making over $500,000 a year. But we’ll make up some of that money on the back end cuz they’ll come and they’ll learn from us in Money Toast Monthly. And they’ll decide, Hey, maybe we want to work with these people further.

Does that sound fair? You get all the money on the front and we’ll keep working with them. And if we do, then we’ll make some money in the back. Now you make this money without creating video ads, without spending money in ads, without building out funnels, without running follow up emails, retargeting, onboarding and membership areas, customer support, group sport, updating content every day.

All the things that me and my team have to do every single day. You’re not gonna have to do any of it. This is really the biggest no-brainer I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna do all the work and you get all the profits. Now I’m saying we do this to bring in customers on our backend program. So we actually do this because as you’ve heard, it’s my mission to make sure that nobody gets left behind in the AI revolution.

So even if I make a little less on this or break even on my hard work, that’s okay because everything is about to change. And honestly, uh, I worry for people who aren’t paying attention. I just need to make enough to pay my staff and I want to change the world by educating people on ai, teaching them how to use the tools and getting in the game before it’s too late.

So the choice is yours. You could go out there, you could start your, your own business and set up an office and set up cubicles and have employees and payroll and overhead and insurance and operations every single day and all that stuff. Or you could just build your TV channel and go out dancing, and then I’ll pay you all the money.

Okay? Does that sound fair? So this is a screenshot from my brother Scott, and he says, by the way, you’re still gonna have to get a real job someday. Remember when I showed you this in the beginning of the presentation? Well, when I made my first million dollars online, I posted a photo of me receiving my award on stage with Russell Brunson, and he said, congrats bro.

Very proud of you. I said, thanks, Scott. He said, never had any doubt, which as you can tell by this email, he did. And I’m not blaming him and I don’t really mean to call him out. But what I wanna point out for you is that if people in your life doubt you or they doubt you going after opportunities like this, it’s just because they’re not used to it and they wanna keep you safe.

And anything outside of what they’re used to is gonna feel really risky to them. But once you make it, they will believe in you, they will support you, but you have to prove it to them first. Okay? You have to get on this list and start getting paychecks, and sooner or later they’ll start saying, can you teach me about this AI thing?

Okay? And remember, you only need 30 people to buy every month to make $4,500. And it’s a really easy to sell offer. It’s a hundred dollars to start. And uh, one in 10 people right now are signing up. So with social media, you can literally reach millions of people. I’ll showed you many examples of us reaching millions with brand new accounts, and you just need a couple of those people to come over to the order form ’em.

Does that sound cool? Would you guys like it? If I showed you how to use this system and you became a partner today to make your first sale in the next 72 hours, would that be exciting if you made your first a hundred dollars online or you’re next? If you’re already, you know, you have a six figure or seven figure business right now and you have a massive audience, you can use this.

You can send it out to the audience if you think it would help them. You can check it out first to make sure it’s a good fit for them. But once you realize we’re actually gonna save people from getting left behind, if you’re gonna send this out to your audience, you know, you can bring in as much as you want and you get all that profit.

So you’re gonna get the I TV channel training so you can put our exact system into place climbing the AM Mountains so you know exactly where you are in the journey, how to get it to the next step, and you don’t end up a frozen body. Face this channel fortune. So you can be behind the camera if you want, and own the network and use AI tools to create the content AI super creator system.

So you can batch all this and do it in one day a month, 12 months money toaster monthly. So you get to hang out with awesome people and say on the cutting edge of ai, so you don’t get left behind. And you can become an AI magnate, licensed advertiser. So you can sell money toasts a monthly and get a hundred percent of the profits and a huge chunk of AI magnate and actually make your money back really quick.

And then profit month after month after month without doing any of the work. Now, some of you saying, I don’t wanna sell money toasts a monthly, I don’t wanna sell AI magnate, I just want my own Avia uh, TV channel, and I’m a holistic health practitioner, or I’m a fitness person, or I’m a doctor, or I’m a lawyer.

Like, whatever you are, that’s fine. You can start your own channel and your own niche. If you’re a tennis player, you might wanna start a tennis channel, right? Whatever you’re into, you can start a channel around that. So we’re gonna show you 10 x partners because when you send your viewers to a bad product that nobody buys ready, guess what?

You’re not gonna make any money. But when you send your viewers to a great product, everybody buys and they keep buying and everybody’s happy. It’s what I call win-win, win. So you’re not just gonna sell money Toaster, just like NBC doesn’t just advertise Tide. Even if you do sell some of our products, you can sell other products as well.

Here’s the students affiliate commissions. Uh, 1 98. 3,818. 3898 38. So you can see they’re selling all sorts of products and the payments are coming in month after month. So you’re gonna get our best affiliate partners with the right niche, the right video, the right products, and that’s gonna equal profits for you.

And you’re gonna have partners like this. Uh, one of my partners who made me owe $70,000 just from one partner. Okay? So you can focus on recurring revenue, easy to sell products, cross sells and upsells, put gra great tracking in place. And when you have this, um, you’re gonna stop getting lots of views, but no sales.

Stop wondering who to partner with. Stop choosing the wrong partners and stop getting paid one times instead of 10, and start getting the biggest and fastest payouts. Right guys? Some people ask if we advertise Amazon products money, social monthly gives you a hundred percent payout. Amazon gives you like 3%.

So, no, we don’t do that. Uh, but we’re gonna show you a bunch of other products and give you really big payouts, and you’re gonna get your partners to do the heavy lifting people with good sales systems, with good retargeting, with good email follow up. Those are the partners you’re gonna make the most sales from.

And then you’re gonna figure out how to get recurring payments and commissions, okay? So you do the work once and get paid over and over again. So when you set up, you’re gonna get the AI TV channel training so you can put our exact system into place and make it work for you.

Climbing the AI Mountains so you know exactly where you are on the journey, where to go next and what to do to get there. And don’t end up a frozen body baseless channel fortune so you don’t have to be in front of the camera if you don’t want to. And you can use AI tools to create your channel AI super creator system to batch this in one day a month and use our code that we paid a lot of money to develop.

And get it all done quickly. 12 months money toaster monthly. So you stay on the cutting edge of AI and get new tools every single week. You’re gonna become an AI magnate, licensed advertiser when you set up on this webinar today. So you can make your first sale in the next 72 hours, 10 x partners. So you can sell like whatever niche you want.

We’re gonna show you the best partners and how to select them. And then you’re gonna get the five x guarantee. Here’s the deal, guys. Opportunities look like risk in the moment. That’s why most people never take any risk in their lives, and they never get what’s called outsized returns where they make a lot more money than their neighbor or their partner or their friend, because they never wanna take any risk, right?

But the thing is that opportunities look like risk in the moment, and they look like opportunities looking back. That’s why people always say, I wish I had done this. I wish I had. Right. Why didn’t you do any of these? Why don’t you buy Bitcoin in 2013? Why don’t you start an S M M A in 2017? Why don’t you buy Ethereum in 2019?

Why don’t you buy Tesla stock in 2020? If you had done any of these, you’d probably be retired by now. But we don’t go all in on those cuz they look like risk. And in retrospect we say, I wish I had done that. I’d be so rich right now. Right? But we don’t do it cuz of the risk. So today I wanna take out the risk for you so you don’t have to do what people always do and say, uh, I might do it but I’m just not sure.

And then they look back in two years and they go, man, I really wish I would’ve done that. Cause that’s what’s gonna happen with AI tools. So I’ll give you the five x guarantee. We got the 180 day action-based guarantee so you have enough time to go through the whole program and see if it works for you.

I have the get support when you need a guarantee. That means you’re always gonna get support inside of our groups when you need it. So you never have to wonder what to do next and you never get stuck. You’re gonna get to always update a guarantee cuz the money’s supposed to monthly. We give you new tools every single week so you never have to worry about this being outta date.

The whole premise of Money Toaster is that it’s in evolving in real time, right? That’s why it’s a monthly membership, because it’s being updated every single day. It’s not something where it’s like set it and forget it. Um, we have become the one guarantee, which means I guarantee that if you do this program and start learning AI tools, you are gonna become the one in your family’s life, in your friend’s life, in your community’s life, who’s on the cutting edge of ai.

And you can bring people along with you. So when the world starts to shift and it’s crazy, they can come to you and say, what do we do? And you can lead them through that. You don’t become the one in the, in your family who breaks the pattern, right? If nobody’s ever broken out of not making as much money as they want to, you are gonna become the one that breaks that because you have infinite leverage with this thing.

So become the one guarantee and the don’t get left behind guarantee. I guarantee, uh, if you start learning about AI right now, you’re not gonna get left behind. It’s not gonna be a problem for you. And I can also guarantee if you ignore AI, that it will become a very big problem for you. Okay? So I want you to be ahead of the curve for once.

If you’re not the person who’s typically ahead of the curve, I wanna make that happen for you this time because it’s happening. This is the biggest trend shift that we have seen in our lifetimes. Do you guys remember when the iPhone came out and it changed everything? All of a sudden, people had social media on their phone, all of a sudden, everybody’s a photographer, everybody’s a videographer.

All of a sudden, the virtual world is where people spend most of their time. That was one of the biggest shifts in our lifetime. So was the invention of the internet, depending on how old you were. But this is gonna be bigger than all of those. And so this time you’re ahead of the curve. You’re not trying to play catch up.

Okay? So what to do now? If you’re ready to join and, and become an AI magnet, own the network. Make passive profits, and let AI create while you celebrate, come join us. Go to just open your browser right now on new tab. Go to uh ai tv Not the AI TV channel, just AI TV channel, I believe. And uh, Next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna see a page that looks just like this, okay?

You can click on get started today, or you can check out more details about the program. Remember that that reseller license is a fast section boarding student to get signed up before the webinar. And everything on the page is just a recap of what we went over today, but in case you need that, um, so you can take a look at this page.

Or you can click Get Started today. Once you click through on Get Started today, it’s gonna take you to the order form. There’s gonna be a form just like this. You’re gonna put in your full name, your phone number, your email. I want your best email there to make sure that our emails get through you sent as your login information.

That’s gonna have like updates to the program, things like that. So just gimme a good email where I can contact you and give you the resources that you need. Put in your credit card and hit submit. That’s gonna take you to the thank you page. On the thank you page we have, it’s gonna look something like this, and we have a form there.

That is for you to put in your address in your t-shirt size if you wanted a T-shirt. Okay? So you can put in your address in your t-shirt size, male or female, and then we’re gonna mail that t-shirt to you. Now, once you do that, on the thank you of that form, you’re gonna get the link to the login area.

Here’s a login area. You can see across the top we have community, classroom, calendar members and leaderboard. That’s important because this one central login location is where’re gonna go for everything, which is really cool cause you don’t have to go to like a thousand different places. So the community, uh, that’s like a Facebook group type private community for you where you can interact with all the other members.

And we’re gonna post all our updates there and our q and a calls and all that stuff. Classroom is where all the course material is and the templates and the code and the software. The calendar is gonna have upcoming events, right? We have events all the time in there. We have interviews with AI entrepreneurs.

We have q and a calls, we have workshops for you. We have all that stuff. It’s all gonna be on the calendar so you can see it right there. Um, you can go over to members, you can challenge people. There’s people that live in your city and things like that. You can make new friends. And then we have leaderboards.

So you can actually compete for prizes inside of Money toaster monthly, and win prizes every week. Now when you switch over to Classroom View, it’s gonna look something like this. So we have these big high level programs in here and just go to start here. And that’s gonna start guiding you through the process and show you what to do next.

Now, we also have anniversary bonuses down there, and so when you join, you’re gonna get bonuses every single month just for being in the program. Now what you get a year of it with this program, so you’ll automatically get those if you just sign up for Money Um, for every month that you’re in there, you get a new bonus and things like that, but you guys will get the whole year.

Now you can come to q and a calls, but they’re also posted as a recording. So if you’re busy and you can’t make the call, that’s fine. Um, you can see right here we’re posting the q and a calls as recordings and you can just hit play and watch it after the fact. And we actually put a thread in the community beforehand.

So if you just wanna type in your question before the call and then you can’t make it to the call, we’ll answer that on the call and then you can watch the recording after. Now I wanna remind you guys, we’ve already helped over 3000 people start an online income from scratch. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve done it over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

We know what we’re doing. We do this because of the change that we see in your lives. Like it’s the most meaningful thing that I can possibly think of to change somebody’s life like that, right? To get them out of the grind. Whether that’s a grind in your business or a grind in your job or whatever. It’s not making enough money, not having the business that you want and actually get you more leverage and freedom and free you up and keep you on the edge of technology without having to be a super techy person.

So that’s what we’re here for. Now, you’re gonna get your free sh t-shirt when you sign up today. As I said on that thank you page, uh, we have a couple different designs that you can choose from, so you’ll be able to choose that and then, uh, I have to ask, are you ready to become an AI magnet? I’m so excited for you guys right now.

This is like, if somebody had created this for me, like when I was at where you guys are right now, and again, you’re probably all in different situations, but just like the most exciting thing in the world, um, you know, I wanna help you all avoid layoffs, avoid your business being wiped out, avoid obsolesce and just own the machines, right?

Because AI is an amplifier, just like all technology is, just like the tractor is an amplifier for farmers. Just like the digital camera is an amplifier for photographers, okay? It is gonna change the way the things are done, but if you actually use the new technology, it’s gonna make it easier for you.

John says, $500 from recurring revenue from one another, $400 for another partner. Two new opportunities today. That’s awesome. So I believe in a prosperous AI world, in a world where we don’t just exist to clock in and clock out, but express ourselves at work and earn our businesses and our AI TV channels where we don’t sit in rush hour just to make our bosses money where we own the work that we do.

So it keeps paying off for years. Guys, I have videos that did five years ago. They, they still keep paying off. Where AI does not destroy us, but amplifies us and where everyone can spend their time how they want, because AI does the grunt work for them, and they focus only on what they like to do. I really think that a new age of prosperity is coming for humans.

Again, Cody says, I quit my job three weeks after at start of the program. Charain says he’s doubled our income $7,000 a month, and Ben says, uh, he’s now making more than he would at a normal nine to five. Now, if you’re kind of a really logical person like this, all sounds really exciting and, and you’re emotionally riled up, but you’re not sure, like logically, does it make sense?

If you’re a little logical like I am, I can be a little bit analytical. Um, let’s just take a look at this logically real Crip, right? Can you make the content for your AI TV channel? Yeah. Will we show you exactly how to do it with ai? Remember with our virtual influencers and those tools? Do you know what to say?

Yes. We’re gonna use AI to create the scripts. Do you know how to get paid? Yeah. We’re gonna show you the exact partners and you can get started being a partner for us. Do you know how to get the info you need from the partners? Yeah. We’re gonna walk you through that step by step. Do you have the partners that will pay you right off the bat?

Is this more cost efficient than starting a business or going back to school? Yes. Is it better than doing something like being a sales rep or you’re stuck on the phone all day and you have to show up for certain hours? I think so because the work keeps paying off. Five years from now is all risk removed.

Yeah. We have a five x risk removal now if that all makes sense. You think it all sounds good and you still haven’t got yet? There’s only one thing left and it’s maybe that you don’t trust me. Okay. Now you’ve been with me here just for an hour or so, but I just want you to know like again, the most important thing in the world to me is making sure that you’re happy and you get the results you want.

So you can see here on Facebook, we have 4.9 outta five stars. There are over a hundred people. Leslie says, one of the best programs I’ve come across, it’s a game changer. Here’s my podcast. We have a hundred forty nine five star reviews, guys. And here I am on stage again with Russell Bronson, and I just want you to know, like I’ve been here a while.

I’m not going anywhere. It’s not like I’m just like trying out this program to see if it works. Then I’m gonna go to some other business. I’ve been in this game for a long time and my partners in this business, the staff, the coaches, the trainers, they’ve been in this business for a long time. I can tell you that we are world class, okay?

And we’re gonna take care of you and turn you into a magnate. Here’s, um, from a recent trip with some of our clients down to Cabo, Mexico. You can see it’s just beautiful down there, but we’re all hanging out and we did about three days of a. Workshops and then we all hung out on the beach and things like that.

You can see we’ve got our laptops out there working on our AI TV channels. Um, and you’re also gonna get the invite to some of our in-person events when you join this program. So you can come out, hang out with us and do things like that. If that sounds cool to you. And honestly, meeting up with people in person is awesome.

It’s people like, just like you, you know, who maybe you haven’t been around your entire life. So when you join today, you’re gonna be on an AI magnate and own the machine. So imagine just having one new income stream. Imagine just one that makes an extra $2,000 a month with your channel. You just need one channel to totally change your life, okay?

And then you can multiply that over and over again, right? You have one channel that has 10,000 views a month. It makes you $2,000 a month, and then you start getting a hundred thousand views a month, or a million views a month. Guess what? The income just goes right up because media is one of the most scalable things that’s ever existed.

And the best part is you can do is part-time. You can do it as a side hustle. It’s not something where you have to take client calls at specific hours. You can do it in one day a month if you want. Okay? From anywhere in the world, from any country. And you can do this if you have a full-time job, you can do it.

If you’re full-time in your business, you can do it. If you’re making an opportunity switch and you’re getting outta your business into something else, you can do it if you just wanna run traffic to your business and almost no startup costs and no overhead. Now, do you guys have any questions? I know I’ve just been rambling on and on and on as cuz I get really excited about this stuff and I’m so excited to watch you get going and to get you to make your first sale, um, right away.

So you have questions, throw ’em in there. I saw a couple come through and uh, my staff put ’em in here. So let’s see what we got. Do I need to get VAs tell me to do the work? Not at all. You can definitely remember we’re gonna give you that code. Just gonna speed up this whole process. Um, if you start growing your channels, you start running like five 10.

Remember I told you guys, I know somebody has like 500 of these channels. Um, they definitely have a VA helping, but they have like five people working for them. We’re running like a thousand channels, you know, so you don’t need a VA to start once you start making like 10, $20,000 a month. If you’re doing something like that, you might want to invest in getting a VA so you can do more.

Is it only shorts or, we do long form videos too. We do primarily shorts because of the Discovery Network, like I told you, it’s so much easier to get traction that way. And then we’ll feed those into the occasional long-form video. So a lot of shorts, um, a few long form videos. Can I sell stuff from my store?

Yeah, whatever you ha. If you’re, again, a health practitioner, you sell stuff on Shopify, you’re a coach, you’re a fitness trainer. If you want more eyeballs on your stuff, this is how you do it. This is the media game. Okay? Um, if you think about in the early 919 hundreds, you’d advertise it in a newspaper, and then TV came around the 1950s.

You start advertising on tv, right? Then the internet was created. You start advertising in the internet, and then the cell phone came out and you start advertising on Facebook. And now we’re in the short form video era. And one day we’ll actually change our TV channels over to VR or augmented reality or whatever.

Okay? But the game, the game stays the same. The platform changes, um, physical or digital products. Yeah, so I, I’m going to recommend you guys just sell digital products. The margins are so much bigger, you make so much more in them. Um, again, you could refer like an Amazon product to make like 3%, or you can refer a digital product and make a hundred percent.

So I would recommend just digital products, but if you already sell physical products and you just need more eyeballs, that’s, that’ll work for sure. Um, don’t use Amazon. So one more time. We have the AI TV channel training so you know exactly what to do and you can implement our whole system into your TV channel, climbing the AI mountains so you know exactly where you are along the path and what to do to get to the next step.

And you don’t end up a frozen body on the mountains stuck because you thought you could figure it out, but you took the wrong path. Faceless channel fortune. So you don’t have to get in front of the camera if you don’t want to. Or if you do get in front of the camera, we show you to amplify yourself. And, um, you’re gonna create a virtual influencer brand just like all the big brands are doing right now.

And you’re in on this before the whole world is finding out about it. So you’re gonna be ahead of the curve. AI super creator system. So you can do this all part-time and one day a month if you want, you’re gonna get our code. Remember we spent over $200,000 on developers and we build tools all the time for you guys that are gonna be building new tools.

But you get the super creator system to batch this stuff and make hundreds of videos in one afternoon. You’re gonna get 12 months money toaster monthly so you can come hang out and stay on the cutting edge of AI and getting new tools every single week so you never fall behind. Cuz this stuff is changing fast.

Um, you’re gonna become an AI magnate licensed advertiser if you set up in the next five minutes so that you can sell our products for a hundred percent commission on money toaster monthly. Um, you’re gonna get 10 X partners. So no matter what niche you’re in, you know who to partner with, how to reach out and get the links that you need to put on your channel, and then how to get paid and you get our five x guarantee so that we guarantee you have 180 days to try this out, right guys, we guarantee that it’s always updated because you’re in money Toaster monthly and we launch stuff to that channel.

Every single week, we guarantee that you’re gonna become the one in your family, okay? The one who changes the course of history and who can lead people through this, who has awesome tools to show your friends all the time, who can impress people with them, but also who stays on the edge so them, when AI does start to take over the world, it’s kind of crazy times we’re living in, um, that you can be the one that people turn to and you actually know what’s going on.

Okay? So you’re gonna get the five x guarantee. You’re gonna get all this right now. You can go to i tv to get started. And again, we walk through that process. Just put in your info on the order form. You’re gonna pick your t-shirt size on the thank you page, and then you’re get logged into that members area.

You’ll get in the money toaster, monthly, meet your new friends, get your new content, and then get that calendar for the q and a calls and the workshops and all that stuff. Um, I know your time is valuable. Thank you for hanging out with me. But more importantly, um, I really think you’re making the right decision by spending some of your time right now and learning ai.

I truly, deeply believe that this is going to radically, fundamentally change. Everything about the way that we live right now in a way that we’ve never even seen before and we can’t even really imagine. And so you getting in early is one of the most important things you could do for you, for your friends, for your family, um, for your income.

You know, this is bigger than just making a couple dollars online. This is like, this is like taking care of your family big, you know, it’s like understanding where the world is heading big. Um, so if you want to be the one, then this is for you. Okay? Enough of my rambling about ai. Uh, I am excited and also it, it, it can be a little bit serious because, um, things are changing really, really fast.

And so I’m gonna keep on the cutting edge of that money toasts monthly. That’s my promise to you. I can’t wait to hang out with you. I hope we can become friends. You can come to an in-person event. I would love to hang out with you there as well. Um, we might go to somewhere a little bit easier than Cabo for the next one so that more people can attend.

But I’ll see you inside, go through that link right now. Go through, if you’re on the fence and you’re wondering, should I do this? Just go do it. We have the five x guarantee. This is going to be one of those moments where you look back on, you said, I wish that I knew what I know now, right? And I don’t want you in two years being like, wow, AI wiped me out.

I want you saying, wow, what a wow. Right? It’s been over two years. I never could have imagined where I’d be right now. Okay? So go to, get signed up and we’re gonna see you inside, uh, today. And let’s get you making those commissions from your partners, from us. And, um, I’m so excited for you.

I’ll see you in there.